AldarianAldarian is an accomplished con artist, a thief, and a loyal companion of Amalius Halkias. He came with Amalius when the psion returned to Eastern Cimmeria and served him during the Second Alliance War. Aldarian fought alongside Amalius, often sweeping for traps in the various dungeons the Alliance was raiding. This risky behavior led to Aldarian dying and being resurrected frequently. The constant resurrections granted Aldarian the power to return to life independently without the assistance of a priest. The sneaky elf continued to work for Amalius after the Second Alliance War concluded.

Amalius HalkiasAmalius Halkias is a controversial figure in the Second Alliance and a powerful psion proficient in telepathy, hypercognition, time manipulation, and elemental magic. His father, Amalganus, founded the Second Alliance, and Amalius followed his father’s footsteps to become a member of the Alliance Council. He was subsequently ostracized from the Alliance once it was discovered that he was an unwilling Xorian spy and the descendant of Amalgami, the same man who had betrayed the First Alliance and left it to ruin. Amalius managed to repair his reputation by striking a deal with Hades to resurrect thousands of Alliance soldiers. Amalius used this meteoric rise in reputation to secure the leadership of Jipangu and the Second Alliance after the Second Alliance War’s conclusion.

BarakahBarakah was the last of the sand giants and the vessel of Ammutseba the Demogorgon. His life was saved by Hektor and he promised to fight against the Aractrashan wizard’s enemies. He helped Hektor and the Exiles briefly against the dragovinians, but was overwhelmed by the dangerous beast within him. He consumed his own ally, Zelus, and fled to parts unknown. Hektor tracked him down years later and killed Barakah to free Zelus.

Danar Danar was the grandson of Rilopenaril. He survived the battle gauntlet to become King of Sheerzen. Rilopenaril and Danar led their people to overthrow the dragons in the Dragon War. Danar entered stasis to protect the Red Dragon Orb after the war. He was awoken when Amalius destroyed the Orb. Danar joined the Second Alliance to defeat the dragovinians and seal away the other dragon hegemons that had escaped their captivity. When his work was done he set about starting a new kingdom in Eastern Cimmeria with Mo’nyoq as the first city.

EathiriluEathirilu was a powerful elven druid who fought on the side of the dragons during the Dragon War. He became the leader of the elven Naturalist faction that fought for the green dragons. Near the end of the Dragon War Eathirilu became remorseful and he fled into the Dark Reaches for centuries. He eventually returned to Cimmeria and won the Baradera to become Panda of Satronwook for a year. Near the end of this life he helped the Second Alliance to defeat the dragovinians and in doing so purified all vampires and dragovinians in Cimmeria. After removing this threat, Eathirilu retired to Demeter’s Swamp. He transformed into a mighty bald cypress tree and became one with the natural world.

GorwinuaGorwinua was the finest bard the lands of Cimmeria ever knew and one of the many heroes who fought against draconic tyranny during the Dragon War. During her life she was a shining exemplar of orkish virtues. She organized orc armies, practiced the traditional rituals, and chopped down foes with the best of the orkish warriors. She entered stasis to return when the White Orb of Dragonkind was broken. The Second Alliance members broke the White Orb to revive Gorwinua. Her majestic voice was used in a ritual to rejuvenate Zeus. After doing so and defeating the dragovinians, Gorwinua disappeared.

GregorGregor is one of the four dragovinian Enforcers restored to his mortal form by Apollo. He traveled with Sivirdm, Stanton, Wu, and Sergeant Korjak to recover the four missing pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy for the Rebellion. During this journey Gregor proved to be a ferocious combatant, but often attempted to solve problems with diplomacy rather than violence. After recovering the Prophecy pieces Gregor and his companions parted ways with the Rebellion. They traveled into the east to reunite the orc tribes. Gregor reclaimed his position as Chief of the Thunderhawk tribe and he is now securing his position within the Orc Lands.

Hektor RackgardHektor Rackgard is a powerful wizard and a key figure in the Alliance and the Exiles that split off from the Alliance, secretly maintaining a place in both groups for a time. Hektor’s magical expertise lies in summoning, shapeshifting, scrying, and quick elimination of foes through a number of offensive but not necessarily lethal means. Hektor worked tirelessly to defeat the dragovinians and other great threats to mortals’ position in Cimmeria. He hunted down and slew Barakah the giant was possessed. Hektor spent the remainder of his life searching for Amalgami the Betrayer, hoping to free the soul of King Ballard.

KorjakKorjak is a half-orc and is the vessel for the Nordic god, Baldr. Korjak was a sergeant in the Rebellion army and he nominally led the four dragovinian mortals, Gregor, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu, during their quest to reclaim the lost pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. He grew to like his traveling companions more than the Rebellion leadership. After the completion of their quest he resigned his command and left with Gregor and the others to reunite the orc tribes in the east.

LoganLogan is the surviving Guildmaster of the Phoenix Adventurers Guild, a respected member in the Second Alliance and the Rebellion, as well as the only wielder of hellfire magic. His hellfire magic allows Logan to supercharge his offensive magic at the expense of his own lifeforce. With the end of the Second Alliance War, Logan has stepped into the role of leader of Gazeara.

PretaPreta is a Persian Prince, the Arch-Wizard of Aractrash, and a circle magic master. He is the son of Xerxes II and the true-born heir to the throne of Persia. He was a member of the Second Alliance involved in many of the Council’s most discussions and missions. Preta used lethal force during on a riot in Bradel Fields and was arrested. He fled the Alliance and took Hektor’s spot as the Arch-Wizard of Aractrash.

SalzarSalzar was a Grey Elf warmage. He played a pivotal role in the First Alliance War as an organizer of the Alliance. It was on his urging that the Alliance broke the Golden Covenant that forbade the use of large-scale destructive magic against living targets. Salzar’s actions allowed the Xorians to retaliate and he became a war criminal. Amalgami the Betrayer, fearing that he would be blamed for Salzar’s actions, murdered his companion. Salzar’s life ended prematurely and the First Alliance crumbled soon afterward.

Sivirdm Sivirdm Deephome was a masterful Svirfneblin assassin who served as one of King Jevaninada II’s Enforcers. He was honored with dragovinian status, but lost it during a raid on Bigby’s Forest. Major Dactirian tasked Sivirdm with recovering the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy along with the other former dragovinians. He succeeded and claimed his freedom from the Rebellion. Sivirdm now seeks the perfect weapon for himself, Korm.

Stanton Stanton was a vicious dragovinian halfling Enforcer who served directly under King Jevaninada II. An expert in enchantment and illusion magic, he easily controlled people to get whatever he desired. The Rebellion captured him when he attempted a raid on Bigby’s Forest. Stanton lost his dragovinian status and was pressed to serve the Rebellion. Major Dactirian tasked Stanton with recovering the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy along with the other former dragovinians. During this mission Stanton was marooned within the Lich Shade by Amalius and Tagenadi for his past crimes. He was saved by Wu Lang Li and returned to being a dragovinian. Stanton was killed soon afterward by Barakah during the Battle of Nox.

TagenadiTagenadi is an undead Council member of the Second Alliance and a melee fighter without peer. He joined the Alliance while still mortal, but became trapped in Erebos while searching for artifacts for the Council. In Erebos, he made a deal with Hades and returned to life as a servant of the Underworld. Tagenadi has always identified with the Exiles and maintains a strong friendship with Amalius. He has broken free from his servitude to Hades, but his undead state remains.

Torin Stoneblade Torin Stoneblade was a powerful high priest of Athena, advisor to the Hill Dwarf King Dainlin, and second-in-line to the Hill Dwarf throne. Torin’s accomplishments as an Alliance Council member made him one of the most well-known clerics in Eastern Cimmeria. Using his divinely gifted magic Torin slowed the Xorian advance, inspiring hundreds, if not thousands, to join the Alliance and fight alongside him. Torin was also a skilled general whom many respected and feared.

Wu Lang Li Wu Lang Li was a noble of Xoria and a friend of King Jevaninada II. When Jevaninada became a dragovinian, Wu was the first one he turned. Wu became Jevaninada’s harbinger, turning many other prominent nobles into dragovinians and assassinating those who refused the honor. Wu led the Enforcers that rooted out dissidents and rebels within the Xorian Empire. The Rebellion captured Wu and turned him back into a human with the help of Apollo. Wu lost his memories of his previous life and served the Rebellion faithfully for a few months. Unfortunately, he was recaptured by the Xorians during a raid on Gazeara. Jevaninada turned Wu into a dragovinian once more. Wu fought as an Enforcer against the Rebellion and Second Alliance, but he ultimately perished while fighting Barakah.

ZelusZelus is the Classical deific embodiment of zeal itself. He encapsulates excitement, eagerness, rivalry, and unwavering devotion to a sworn cause. Zelus is one of the Daimons, the divine children of Pallas and the River Styx. He aided the Exiles in their quest to eradicate dragovinians from the face of the earth. He was eaten by Barakah during the Battle of Nox, but freed many years later by Hektor, Danar, Torin, and Tagenadi. After Poseidon was cast down from his position as god of the sea, Zelus was raised up to replace him.