Eastern Cimmeria Cities

The cities in Eastern Cimmeria formed the First and Second Alliance that opposed Xorian Expansion. The Alliance continues to provide somewhat unified action after the conclusion of the Second Alliance War.

Balin’s Holt – Balin’s Holt was once the site of the dwarven capitol of Fangaroot. A dragon burned the old city and the ruins became infested with kobolds. Balin and his friend Terry led an attack that defeated the kobolds and restored the city to good hands. Many years later, Terry died. Balin became extremely depressed and retreated from public life. The city council took over management of Balin’s Holt. They outlawed most forms of magic and focused the town’s culture on improving the world without the crutch of spells and enchantments.

Bradel Fields – Bradel Fields was a republican city where ownership of a building granted a single vote in deciding the city’s councilors. Bradel Fields had a history of tension and war with their neighbor, Dalleer. Both cities put aside their differences to fight against Xoria in the Second Alliance War. Unfortunately, the fighting resulted in Bradel Fields destruction by necromancy. The buildings remain intact, but all the inhabitants have perished and risen as undead monsters. A community of adventurers has set up outside of the city to recover valuables from within.

Crux – Crux is Hades’s city in the living world. The representative of Hades, the Antenator, rules the city from a silver tower. The majority of Crux’s population is undead. The city’s basic functions are fulfilled by mindless zombies and skeletons. Crux has a bank run by vampires and a famous potion shop run by the venerable lich, Vecna. Vecna is also responsible for designing the necromantic spell that eliminated Bradel Fields. During the Second Alliance War, Crux opposed the Xorians under Tagenadi’s leadership. After Tagenadi fell out Hades’s favor, Crux exited the war.

Dalleer – Dalleer is a large cosmopolitan city that dominates the economic landscape of Eastern Cimmeria. The metropolis is nominally led by an insane figure known as the Björn. The Björn appoints his successor who is always just as insane as his predecessor. In actuality, Dalleer is ruled by a council of elected politicians. During the Second Alliance War Dalleer remained neutral for most of it to spite the city’s long-time rival, Bradel Fields. As a result, Dalleer was spared the tragedies of war and stands to gain much in the probellum period.

Dorrowsan – Dorrowsan is a giant structure made of ice. The city was founded by the fire giant Chirrigar using a magic scepter. The ice provides food and shelter with no effort, so many impoverished people flocked to Dorrowsan. Chirrigar did nothing with his power. In the Second Alliance War he attempted to take advantage of the Alliance’s weakness, but was slain by Hektor and Björn. Kig Yupington took up the scepter and now wishes to turn Dorrowsan into a force for good.

Greshen Dale – Greshen Dale was once a great magical city that floated in the sky above Greshen Valley. A center of magic and learning, Greshen Dale absorbed arcane knowledge of all kinds and exported magical items to the rest of Cimmeria. During the Second Alliance War Hermes tricked the Exiles into pulling the city out of the sky. The volcanic base of Greshen Dale crashed into the ground and thousands died. The persistent magicks of the city remain among with a community of survivors that make their living in the ruins, trying to rebuild. Greshen Dale is not without its dangers now. A number of bound creatures are now free and many are hostile to their former masters.

Harbinston – Harbinston is a small village on the Black River inbetween Dalleer and Bradel Fields. As a border town between the two city-states Harbinston was claimed by both, but protected by neither. This legal ambiguity left Harbinston reliant on heroes for aid when the town was threatened by monsters. Bradel Fields destruction had the fortunate side effect of solidifying Harbinston’s status as a protectorate of Dalleer.

Jipangu – Jipangu has a rigid society based on loyalty to family. The city is rule by the First Family and each family is rule by a patriarch. Currently Jipangu’s leader is Amalius Halkias. Jipangu fought with the Second Alliance in the Second Alliance War. The war created thousands of refugees that Amalius feels responsible for. His policies attempt to integrate the refugees into society without long-term assistance from the state, citizens, or temples.

Jord – Jord is the home of the Hill Dwarves and the embassy of dwarven culture to the surface world in Cimmeria. King Dainlin rules Jord. The city is largely underground with tunnels that connect the surface to the Underdark. Jord exports metals, manufactured goods, and mushrooms that are harvested by myconids. During the Second Alliance War the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords was reclaimed by the dwarves. This led to the different dwarven races reuniting under the leadership of Mountain Dwarf King Torngar. High King Torngar took up the war against the Xorians to reclaim the Underdark beneath Xoria. This war continues after the Second Alliance War ended due to the thousands of wights the dragovinians left in depopulated dwarven cities.

Lordodo – Lordodo is the port center of the Aractrashan Kingdom. The city was founded by the Dragon War Hero, Jovy. His spirit survives in the city’s strong nautical culture and love of gambling. Lordodo has a large community of druids that have perfected many natural healing remedies. The port hosts the Bounty Hunter’s Guild of Cimmeria. Every year the Guild holds a contest to kill the most or biggest of a particular type of monster.

Mars’ Oasis – Mars’ Oasis was founded by a group of Romans that circled the earth. They ended their journey at a large oasis in the Shacklack Desert and were blessed with the Dythalid Pool as well. Items that are submerged in the water of the Dythalid Pool have their basic properties improved. This property is used to provide the food for Mars’ Oasis. The desert fruit, sithica, purified and packed with nutrition after a soak in dythalid. Mars’ Oasis is in constant conflict with the monsters of the desert, mainly dragons, undead, and formians. Many of these conflicts were ended during the Second Alliance War, finally giving King Mero III to expand his kingdom to other oases in Shacklack.

Mo’nyoq – Mo’nyoq is a small settlement on the southern coast of the Aral Sea composed of refugees from the Second Alliance War and growing all the time. Danar and Amalius founded the town after the war to provide homes and jobs for the thousands displaced from Bradel Fields, Greshen Dale, and Phoenix, among others. The basic necessities of Mo’nyoq are still under construction. The need for food has brought the people of Mo’nyoq into conflict with the indigenous orc and goblin populations.

Nomingburg – Nomingburg is a halfling city ruled by assassins guilds. Four major guilds vie for control of the city. Until recently an uneasy truce was maintained by Nomingburg’s ruler, Duke Jingo. Unfortunately, Jingo was assassinated during the Second Alliance War. The guilds returned to fighting each other and a freshly murdered body is now found every morning on the streets of Nomingburg.

Phoenix – Phoenix was once a city ruled by different guilds with a powerful position within the Second Alliance. A two year long siege during the Second Alliance War saw the city captured and depopulated by the Xorians. After one tragedy came another when Poseidon attacked and flooded the city. All but the tallest buildings remain below the new magically sustained waterline. The submerged Phoenix is now occupied by the denizens of the deep.

Restnor’s Point – Restnor’s Point is a mining town on the edge of civilization. The town is home to many of Cimmeria’s outcasts, especially the disabled. The welcoming of the disabled put Restnor’s Point in the good graces of Hephaestus. He blessed the town with adamantine walls for protection. Restnor’s Point exports metals of all kinds, but also distilled vodka made through a secret process. The town also has the best falconry in Cimmeria with the magical Asestaro as the crowning achievement of their breeding program.

Satronwook – Satronwook is a city in the Aractrashan Kingdom dominated by the consumption of alcohol. Pan and Dionysus ended a tour of Cimmeria at Satronwook and created an everflowing fountain of alcohol in the town square. The gods inaugurated the city’s annual drinking contest, the Baradera. The winner is declared the annual Panda of Satronwook. The Panda is magically transformed into a Panda with the magical powers necessary to rule. Each Panda can change one law of Satronwook and they command a pack of blink dogs to enforce the laws of the city.

Shalemstead – Shalemstead is a trading post town on the edge of Valor’s Forest. They trade Cimmerian products with the elves of Valor’s Forest and export the elven goods to the rest of the world. Shalemstead is run by guild leaders in a largely hereditary system of leadership.

Shalerton – Shalerton has many abnormally large sheep in domesticated herds around the town proper. The town is controlled by Lieutenant Hunter. Prior to the Second Alliance War, Hunter enforced price controls on necessities and a ban on weapons within the town walls. The weapons ban was reversed during the Second Alliance War, but Hunter regrets this decision now that the war is concluded. It’s easier to arm a population than to disarm them. Shalerton’s outlying communities suffer constant attacks from refugees turned bandit. Hunter’s militia is spread too thin to maintain control and his position as Shalerton’s tyrant is fragile.

Tetalya – Tetalya is a druidic city in the Aractrashan Kingdom. The numerous ingredients of the jungle have created an excellent environment for alchemical experimentation. Tetalya is also home to the most successful battle arena in Cimmeria.

Yuettencal – Yuettencal is the capital of the Aractrashan Kingdom. In Yuettencal the royals always come first. They own the most profitable gold mine in Cimmeria and a special breed of spiders that produce a magical thread as strong as steel. This redwire thread is woven into the armor of the Aractrashan soldiers to provide extra protection. King Staynard sits on the throne of Aractrash currently after his father’s assassination during the Second Alliance War. Staynard is young, but the guidance of Hektor of Lakatia will keep him on the right path.