Allied NPCs

Amalchus HalkiasAmalchus is the son of the founder of the Second Alliance, Amalganus Halkias, and the grandson of Amalgami the Betrayer as well. His father’s accomplishments gave Amalchus a position of power and respect in Jipangu. He used this clout to become a successful horse merchant; however, when his grandfather’s name became public, Amalchus was exiled from Jipangu. Amalius’s resurgence in Second Alliance status allowed Amalchus to return to Jipangu, now as a member of the First Family.

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Amalganus HalkiasAmalganus was a Jipanguese military leader, politician, and international organizer. In his military career he fought on the frontlines with his men, often protecting them from blows with his mighty shield. Amalganus was catapulted to fame when King Jevaninada II and the dragovinians rose to power in Xoria. Only a minor lord at the time, Amalganus’s extraordinary charisma allowed him to organize the Second Alliance of Cimmerian city-states. Approximately a decade after the formation of the Second Alliance, Amalganus disappeared on a journey with uncertain goals in the west and was never heard from again. The Second Alliance is certainly Amalganus’s legacy, standing as a bastion of Cimmerian independence and courage against the imperial threat of Xorian expansion.

AntapikeGeneral Antapike was a prominent commander serving the Xorian King Demotinira. There were no great wars during Antapike’s tenure as a Xorian general, but he was greatly involved in politics. During the succession crisis that followed Demotinira’s death Antapike falsely executed Princess Tarigananata. In truth, he escaped with her to form an opposition to King Jevaninada I. Unfortunately, the opposition movement failed. Antapike died in the fighting and few now remember his name.

Arendil Arendil was a wise, old man who led the Second Alliance during the Second Alliance War. He was the head of the First Family of Jipangu as well. During the war, Arendil pursued conservative strategies that risked as little life as possible. This philosophy extended to his morals as well when Arendil led the effort to remove Amalius from the Alliance War Council due to the psion’s familial relationship with Amalgami the Betrayer. The animosity between the two continued for the remainder of Arendil’s life. The old man turned in his grave when Amalius succeeded him as leader of the Second Alliance and as head of the new First Family of Jipangu.

Astyanax Astyanax was the representative for Bradel Fields on the Alliance War Council. He also acted as the main general of the Alliance forces in strategy and in battle. Astyanax was captured and tortured by a demon during the Second Alliance War leading to a profound change in his personality. While previously he had been a righteous paladin and champion of the weak, after his trauma he became a ruthless dictator over Bradel Fields. This transformation helped the war effort, but alienated his former friends. When Amalius took over the Second Alliance he found himself unable to manipulate Astyanax through diplomacy or magic. The warrior’s stubborn resistance to Amalius eventually led to his death by assassination.

Björn SkizofrenSkizofren is the Björn of Dalleer and has been so in secret for centuries. When he first came to power he was a competent leader and an alcoholic. As his love for drink grew he was given special powers by Dionysus. Skizofren was granted unusual magic powers, eternal life, and complete insanity. Skizofren began faking his death every few decades and naming his successor (a fake identity of himself in disguise). His disturbed mind caused the people of Dalleer to strip power away from the Björn. Skizofren had a few brief years of lucidity during Dionysus’s recent temperance, but he has since returned to his familiar madness.

Dactirian Dactirian found the Druid’s Prophecy that could revive Zeus, but he didn’t have the means to retrieve the animal pieces as the dragovinians had gotten to them first. Seeing a different path to his goal, Dactirian joined the Xorian Rebellion. Through continued effort he became one of the Rebellion’s leaders, second only to Princess Tarigananata. He revealed his true identity as Apollo to the Princess and Alkmene Halkias. Dactirian lured four dragovinian Enforcers to Bigby’s Forest and turned them into mortals to recover the Prophecy pieces. After they succeeded Apollo abandoned the Dactirian disguise and returned to Olympus.

DainlinDainlin, King of Jord and the Hill Dwarves, joined the Second Alliance just as his father had joined the First Alliance decades before. He fought on the frontlines for many of the battles of both wars. King Dainlin did not seek to become High King when the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords was recovered. He currently assists High King Torngar with the war in the Underdark to reclaim Duergar territory.

Dralin Dralin was the general of the Hill Dwarf army prior to the Battle of Phoenix. He sat on the Alliance War Council along with his nephew Torin as representatives of Jord and the Hill Dwarves. Dralin rode into battle on the back of an enormous, armored dinosaur he named Bessy. Dralin fought against Ashabodai and King Jevaninada II during the Battle of Phoenix. He helped slay Ashabodai, but lost his life to Jevaninada.

ElerieElerie was a sergeant in the Rebellion military put in charge of the reformed dragovinians, Gregor, Sivirdm, Stanton, and Wu Lang Li. She was of elvish descent and had training in combat prior to joining the Rebellion. Unfortunately, keeping watch over the former dragovinians proved too much. When the opportunity presented itself, they killed her to escape her control.

Gradorian Gradorian was the Guildmaster of the Phoenix Mercenaries Guild. He mastered all fighting styles from bow and arrow, to dual-wielding, to spear and shield. Gradorian served on the Alliance War Council and often favored aggressive action to counter Xorian strategies. After the Battle of Phoenix Gradorian remained an important part of the Alliance as he trained the many refugees in Jipangu to rebuild the Alliance’s army. Throughout the war Gradorian had a fledgling romance with his second-in-command, Junai. After the end of the Second Alliance War they finally got together.

Junai Junai is a brusque elvish adventurer who fights monsters with dual-wielded swords. She adventured with Terroc and his group for a few months before the First Alliance War. After leaving the group Junai joined the Mercenaries Guild of Phoenix for more stable work. She rose through the ranks of the guild to become a master and the second-in-command to Gradorian the Guildmaster. Junai fought and commanded troops in many battles during the Second Alliance War. After the war she settled down with Gradorian in Mo’nyoq to protect the colony.

Kig Yupington Kig Yupington is one of the strangest people in all of Cimmeria. A humanoid of unknown race, his body is covered in dozens of tattoos. He created an organization in Dalleer called the Inter-Racial Coalition that sought to reunite the races as they once were during the Conclave. Kig sat in on Alliance War Council meetings as the well-spoken bodyguard of Titandra. He performed admirably in many battles during the Second Alliance War, assisting in the defeat of Degusharla, Frost, and Ashabodai as well as recovering the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords. During the course of the war Kig came to be ruler of Dorrowsan and after the war he combined Dorrowsan with his favored city of Restnor’s Point to rule both.

Leopold AnigamaLeopold Anigama rose to prominence during the rebellion against King Shardamar II of Gazeara. He played a leading role during the revolution and upon its success, he became the new dictator of Gazeara. He built a cult of personality around himself as Gazeara’s head and soon used his hidden psionic powers to become the living god of the city. During the First Alliance War, Anigama joined the Alliance. He held his own against the Rages of Xoria, but unfortunately the tide of war turned against him. Grave and Wrath killed Anigama and Gazeara was conquered by Queen Anajakaze.

Lamarr Lamarr was the Guildmaster of the Phoenix Adventurers Guild. He sat on the Alliance War Council as a representative of the combatants within the Adventurers Guild and the wider city of Phoenix. He died fighting Ashabodai during the Battle of Phoenix.

Stevie the Wonder WagonStevie the Wonder Wagon was a unique magical creation made by Salzar and Atreides. Stevie came to life, but sadly his intellect was lacking. Fortunately, his loyalty to the cause of good and freedom was strong, making him a valuable asset for the First Alliance and later for the Rebellion. He shuttled supplies rapidly across great distances and was capable of defending himself by wielding four swords at the same time with his arms. After the Second Alliance War ended Stevie joined Tarigananata’s retinue in Nox.

TarigananataPrincess Tarigananata was the heir to the throne of Xoria, but her ascension was ruined by her younger brother, Prince Jevaninada I. Jevaninada convinced the rest of the court that Tarigananta was possessed by a demon and she fled Xoria. Tarigananata worked with General Antapike to reclaim her kingdom during the First Alliance War but failed due to the betrayal of Amalgami. She went into hiding and discovered that Jevaninada’s warnings had been true. The demon emerged and ravaged Xoria’s countryside. Tarigananata wrested control back from the demon and started another resistance movement. This Rebellion contributed to the fall of the Xorian Empire during the Second Alliance War. Tarigananata finally ascended to the throne, but of a kingdom in collapse rather than in its prime.

Titandra Titandra was a blind seer and the representative of Restnor’s Point on the Alliance War Council. Titandra acted as a moral center for the Council, guiding the different members away from evil and impious means to achieve their ends. She also had the gift of prophecy and received visions during the war that led the Alliance to victory. When the war concluded her health rapidly deteriorated. She passed away soon afterwards.

TorngarTorngar reigns over the Mountain Dwarves from his seat at Highhold. In addition to being King of the Mountain Dwarves, as wielder of the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords, Torngar rules all dwarves. High King Torngar currently commands a campaign to reclaim the Duergar homelands for King Sandil.

WillardWillard the Dragon Rider was the son of King Gollard and Queen Chatkal of Yuettencal. During his childhood he formed a close friendship with the family’s silver dragon, Kinderax. Willard learned to ride Kinderax and the pair proved to be a terror on the battlefield. The combined force allowed Willard to conquer Satronwook, Lordodo, and Tetalya and unite Aractrash into a single kingdom. Unfortunately, his partnership with Kinderax proved insufficient in the First Alliance War with Xoria. The duo was defeated, captured, and ransomed back to Aractrash in shame. Willard’s defeat led to the non-interventionist policies of his son and successor, Ballard.