Enemy NPCs

AnajakazeQueen Anajakaze of the Amazons led her people to their greatest heights in Cimmerian history. Born of an Amazon and Zeus, she was raised in secret until one of the many wars between Xoria and Dradelden brook out. Anajakaze became queen and ended that war by marrying King Jevaninada. The might of Xorian and Amazon forces conquered half of Cimmeria. Anajakaze ruled as regent for her infant son after Jevaninada died. She reformed the government to be more respectful and accepting of women. When he son came of age Anajakaze refused to relinquish power. Prince Jevaninada II took power by force and Anajakaze died in the process. While her reign had good and bad points, it heralded a dark time in Cimmeria’s history as the evil dragovinians came into power after her death.

AshabodaiAshabodai was Queen of the Amazons and a powerful dragovinian in the Xorian Empire. After the previous Queen Anajakaze died, Ashabodai ascended the throne by besting her competitors through skill of arms as is tradition. She played the subordinate matriarch to King Jevaninada II during her reign, rarely challenging or contradicting him. During the Second Alliance War she led her Amazon warriors against the soldiers of the Alliance. Ashabodai perished during the Battle of Phoenix at the hands of Logan the warlock. She was succeeded by Queen Jittehalong, who is not a dragovinian but still serves the Xorian King.

The BaneSahamathrian grew up as an elven abjuration wizard in Valor’s Forest. He was captured by Kruk-Ma-Kali during the hobgoblin emperor’s campaigns and forced to serve in his army. Sahamathrian came to like service to the evil humanoids. When Kruk-Ma-Kali died, Sahamathrian was the architect of his tomb. Upon completion, the elf was now an accomplished necromancer. He became a lich known as the Bane and settled in the Lich Shade of Shacklack Desert. After a few centuries of peaceful necromantic experimentation he was killed by the Exiles of the Second Alliance.

BavastatnerBavastatner was one of the first dragons born from the union of Echidna and Typhon. He and his sister-wife, Renvesharhialisv, ruled the blue dragons for centuries. At the death of Sadroston, they along with the other dragon primarchs subjugated the mortals of Cimmeria. He shared the fate of the other dragons when they were sealed by the Dragon Orbs. Bavastatner acted as the guardian of the Blue Orb until it was broken during the githyanki invasion of the Material Plane. Bavastatner reestablished his rule over the Shacklack Desert, reigning until his death at the hands of Amalius Halkias.

BlendegadBlendegad was a member of the Gish Trio that defeated the githyanki, the first vampire of Cimmeria, and eventually the Reaper god of the dragovinians. He was an accomplished swordsman and augmented his martial skills with a magical talent focused on quick-cast curses. As a hero his primary motivation was guilt for those he couldn’t save. This guilt eventually drove him to attain greater and greater forms of immortality in order to purge himself of weakness. He became a vampire, but was imprisoned by his companions, Galandir and Tereman. When Terroc accidentally freed him, Blendegad underwent another transformation into that of a dragon. He continued to ascend until he was close to the Olympians in power. Unfortunately, his power was wrought through a set of intricate spells. A powerful antimagic field defeated him and Blendegad’s life force was eradicated by Eathirilu at the end of the Second Alliance War.

ChirrigarChirrigar was a fire giant and the Great Lump, the dictator of Dorrowsan. He created the ice city using a piece of quartz and a magic scepter from a dragon’s hoard. Chirrigar used the scepter to control the people of Dorrowsan, but he never had a particular aim for this power. Out of boredom he challenged the Second Alliance to a duel. The Alliance members cheated and killed Chirrigar while preserving the appearance of a fair duel. Control of Dorrowsan passed to the Alliance Council Member, Kig Yupington.

DarudananoThe elder brother of Tagenadi, Darudanano entered the military at a young age. He performed well and was rewarded with dragovinian status and later served as King Jevaninada the Second’s bodyguard. He was killed by Tagenadi in a duel between the Second Alliance and the Xorian Empire.

DavonisiDavonisi was a powerful unseelie faerie who played a leading role in the Dragon War. She organized the fey and elves of the Dry Woods to fight for the green dragons. In the end she was defeated by the Heroes of the Dragon War. Davonisi went into seclusion until the dragovinians sought her out during the Second Alliance War. She returned as a second plague upon mortals but was slain by the Exiles before her evil had a chance to drastically impact the world.

DegusharlaDegusharla was the Lord of Petar, commander of Xoria’s ranged forces, an older friend/mentor to King Jevaninada II, and a powerful combatant in his own right. He was the Lord Consort of the Lady of Petar until her death. He took over her position during King Jevaninada II’s power transition. Degusharla became a dragovinian and served in Jevaninada’s court for many years before perishing at the Battle of Phoenix.

The Dragon HegemonsThe dragon hegemons were ten pairs of powerful dragons, all the direct descendants of the divine monsters, Echidna and Titan. Each pair had a different relationship and a different color. After the death of Sadroston they conquered Cimmeria and ruled with tyrannical will for almost one hundred years. The mortals of Cimmeria rose up led by the Heroes of the Dragon War. The Heroes were victorious by binding the dragon hegemons with ten magical Orbs of Dragonkind. Most of them remained bound, but over time the Blue, Red, and White Orbs were broken. The freed dragons were quickly reimprisoned and are now locked up in a fortified prison at Mars’ Oasis.

FrostFrost was born with the name, Zikaas, during the rise of Medrika within Drow society. She was enslaved by the Xorians during Havoc’s Underdark raids. Frost served as a aerial handler, rising through the ranks until she became a dragovinian and cavalry general of Xoria. She fought and died in the Battle of Phoenix.

Jevaninada IKing Jevaninada the First set Xoria on a path of rapid expansion that has continued to this day. His personal magnetism and cunning manipulation of the Xorian nobles allowed him to discredit his sister’s claim to the throne. With her out of way Jevaninada built an unshakable power base for his invasions into the surrounding lands of Xoria. A well-timed marriage to Anajakaze, Queen of the Amazons and daughter of Zeus, ended the war between Xoria and Amazonia. As if the combined might of the two militaristic cultures wasn’t enough, Jev also commanded a mysterious group of powerful warriors known as the Seven Rages. Jev planned to conquer Cimmeria in its entirety, but his plans were cut short by the mercenaries his sister hired to oppose him. Jevaninada the First was slain at the Battle of Danar’s River. Queen Anajakaze carried on his dream of conquering Cimmeria and after her, his son, Jevaninada the Second.

Jevaninada IIKing Jevaninada II led the Xorian people both as their monarch and as the living avatar of Blendegad’s divine might. Jevaninada II grew up under the feminist regency of his mother, Queen Anajakaze. Blendegad attacked and turned Jev into a dragovinian on the same night that he became King. Jevaninada spent twenty years undoing his mother’s reforms and spreading his condition to those he deemed worthy within Xoria. For five years King Jevaninada led an invasion into Eastern Cimmeria against the Second Alliance. He was slain during a duel with the Second Alliance and his empire collapsed.

JingoDuke Jingo was the majordomo of Nomingburg for nearly one hundred years. He pacified the civil strife that ruled the city after Tracy’s second death during the Draco-Gith War. Unfortunately, Jingo could not live forever. Near the end of his life he was assassinated by the Second Alliance Exiles as part of a demonic pact they’d made. Nomingburg’s precarious peace collapsed as a century of grudge killings returned.

JittehalongJittehalong was briefly the Queen of the Amazons during the Second Alliance War. Queen Jittehalong was a warrior of great power and strength, worthy of recognition by the gift of dragovinian immortality, but she has rejected this offer time and time again. Jittehalong remained loyal to her liege, but was defeated in battle and imprisoned within an ironwood acorn by Hektor. He promised to release her once the Second Alliance War ended, but he did not keep his word.

KormKorm is a talking dagger gifted with immense magical power. Korm gains strength through decapitating people and animals, stealing a little bit of their soul’s energy as it leaves their bodies. Korm has changed hands many times and through its wielders has participated in many important events of Cimmerian history. Becoming stronger is the dagger’s main desire, but Korm is often distracted by its other pursuits of causing chaos, making cruel jokes, and self preservation.

Kruk-Ma-KaliKruk-Ma-Kali was a hobgoblin warlord that conquered portions of Eastern Cimmeria to form the short-lived Hobgoblin Empire. He unified the hobgoblin people using his secret telepathic powers. The unity only lasted as long as he lived. After suffering a mortal wound from an assassin, Kruk-Ma-Kali willed his empire, “to the strongest,” resulting in a war in which the hobgoblin people fought for the scraps of his empire. Kruk-Ma-Kali’s psyche survived his death inside of his black sword, Kharad-khor. He would play a minor role in the Second Alliance War before Amalius traded the hobgoblin emperor’s soul to Hades as a bargaining chip.