Sahamathrian grew up in Valor’s Forest apprenticed to a magician who specialized in protection magic. During Kruk-Ma-Kali‘s invasion, Sahamathrian inscribed wards to protect the elven population along with the other magicians of the wood. Unfortunately, the young elf strayed a little too far from the others and was captured by the hobgoblin force. Sahamathrian’s life of comfort within his home forest was forever over.

The hobgoblins tortured and brainwashed Sahamathrian over years. With an extra push from Kruk-Ma-Kali’s psionic powers, Sahamathrian turned to the hobgoblin side. At the siege of Nomingburg, Sahamathrian assisted in using portal magic to flood the city. As the campaign continued into the Dominarie Moutains, the corrupted elf began experimenting with necromancy. By the end of Kruk-Ma-Kali’s glorious campaign Sahamathrian was one of the best necromancers in the world and a trusted advisor of the Hobgbolin Emperor.

After Kruk-Ma-Kali’s assassination, Sahamathrian helped in the construction of his tomb. Sahamathrian created hundreds of undead creatures to help defend the tomb of Kruk-Ma-Kali. After two decades of building, his final act was to kill everyone who worked on the tomb, including the two generals, Khuz-kukk-ghor and Vokh-jrozzhul. Their devotion to Kruk-Ma-Kali extended into the afterlife. Sahamathrian raised them into willing undead warriors, eternal servants of Kruk-Ma-Kali’s will.

With his obligations to his master fulfilled, Sahamathrian traveled to Crux to study every facet of necromancy. His researched the secret of eternal life through lichdom. Sahamathrian performed the profane ritual sacrifice and became a lich. Still wishing to learn more, the undead elf continued his study. He eventually perfected the art of necromancy by making a powerful artifact of evil, the Black Crystal of Horror. This evil item was capable of animating thousands of corpses without the normal requirement of black onyx stones. Confident that no one would surpass his accomplishments Sahamathrian left Crux.

Sahamathrian as the Bane of Shacklack Desert

Sahamathrian settled in the Shacklack Desert. He created a giant hollow obelisk as a home and began animating thousands of undead using the Black Crystal. With all of his goals accomplished, he set a new objective to conquer Mars’ Oasis. Sahamathrian threw his thousands at the desert city every few years. Not knowing his real name, the people of the city called him the Bane.

Sahamathrian’s aggressive actions attracted the attention of would-be heroes. The first group was the sand giant prince and his friends. The Bane slew the heroes and in a spiteful rage, he eradicated the sand giant race entirely. The Bane met his match with the Exiles of the Second Alliance though.

The Exiles came to Shacklack to end the threats to Mars’ Oasis so that the city could enter the Second Alliance War. They killed the Bane twice and destroyed his phylactery. Tagenadi claimed the Black Crystal of Horror and used the Bane’s undead horde against the Xorians, wiping out thousands of soldiers. Tagenadi still holds possession of the Black Crystal today. When his time comes, the legacy of Sahamathrian will find a new wielder who may be inclined to use his necrotic power for a darker purpose.