Xorian Wars Campaign Log

The Cimmeria world was created as a setting for my friends and me to play D&D in. We’ve run a few campaigns in the world, but the most influential in the development of Cimmeria was the campaign dubbed “Xorian Wars: Alliance and Rebellion.” The campaign was split with each player running two PCs, one for a high level Alliance party and one for a low level Rebellion party. We played from 2010 to 2018.

As we played I posted a campaign log on to the Order of the Stick Forums. Part of my motivation for creating this blog was to have a better resource guide for readers of the campaign log. If someone wanted to learn more about a city or character in the log they could hop over to gocorral.com and find their answer. The Cimmeria project on the blog has grown beyond that and now I’m planning on developing it into a published campaign setting. I still wanted to keep with that original goal though.

Part of the original goal of gocorral.com as a companion to the Order of the Stick campaign log was to eventually migrate the campaign log over to this website. Firstly, that gives me a backup of the campaign log in case the Order of the Stick Forums die. Secondly, I could go back through my old writing and fix up any errors. The original campaign log was posted as a first draft with little to no editing. Plenty of errors snuck in. Reposting here is a chance to clean up the wording and try to have a more consistent voice throughout the writing. The first draft started when I was a second year in college and ended after I’d obtained a Master’s degree and an infant.

The second draft is going up as blog posts. I’ll maintain links to each of those posts below.

Xorian Wars 1/Rebellion 1

Xorian Wars 2/Alliance 1