Xorian Wars 5/Alliance 4

This session was attended by Ave, Jamie, and Will. It was held at Ave’s house.

Exploration Around the Tomb

In the morning the binding spell on Thug ran out. The demon collected his due from Terroc and left the party. Amalius was obsessed with finishing his reading of The Manual of Military Prowess. He continued at his task with the help of lesser restoration spells cast by Torin to relieve his fatigued mind. While he consumed the book with Aldarian as his guard, the rest of the group decided to explore a bit more of the Great Valley around the Tomb of Kruk-Ma-Kali.

There was an ancient, ruined town at the north end of the lake in the Great Valley. Terroc teleported the party in and they set to exploring. They found that the city was actually a bunch of outbuildings around a long-ruined castle. With nothing found in the outbuildings they went inside the castle and started searching the buildings. A lot of the inner buildings were empty except for ancient pots, pans, and other sundries. There was also a well that the group looked into and found nothing. However, one of the houses was wrapped in a permanent magic spell of darkness. The adventurers decided to save that building for last.

Of the other significant buildings there was the keep of the castle. Inside was a hobgoblin ghost that attacked the party. The ghost was “killed” easily by Logan. There was also another building that used to be servants’ quarters. Inside was a locked steel box. Preta unlocked the box with a knock spell. Logan performed the actual act of opening the box and was greeted with a magical trap. Waves of necrotic energy washed over Logan, but he resisted. After enduring the onslaught, Logan looked inside the box to see papers that had long since gone to dust. The fragment that remained said in Xorian, “…in the frozen waters, Selene’s glory shows the way…” Selene was the goddess who literally is the moon, but it was unclear if the frozen waters referred to the glacier or the lake of the Great Valley. The glacier seemed like a better bet to the party.

But first the magical darkness! The darkness was easily dispelled by Shez. Inside was a small building. The building housed a large stone tablet. The Infernal words on the tablet eroded long ago. Preta was able to read Infernal, so he translated the remaining messages, “The long path holds greater peril, but also greater reward,” and, “Many roads laid for those who were to come, as they who come after must be proved worthy for-,” and finally, “The final marker shows the way, but points to noth-” With so little to go on, not much was made of these clues.

The party then remembered that Terroc was still carrying some decomposing hobgoblin bodies in his bag of holding. They decided they should return the corpses to the hobgoblin village by the lake. They teleported over there and approached the cautious hobgoblins. Upon bringing out the bodies the hobgoblins started shouting and pointing. Only Amalius spoke Goblin, but he was back at the tomb entrance. Shez had fortunately prepared tongues. He cast it and learned the hobgoblins were very upset that their chief and shaman were killed. They were demanding that the outsiders leave immediately before they were sent to Hades with Krumukh and Duvagh. The party turned and began to walk out of the village as requested. Some of the hobgoblins threw stones at the characters as they left. It was hard for Torin and Logan to quell Preta’s urge to blast the entire village with his battle magic, but they managed.

The party teleported back to the tomb and rested for the night. Amalius continued to read The Manual of Military Prowess with the single-minded focus of a mad man.

As they’d planned the party teleported to the glacier the next day. Finding nothing at the bottom of it they teleported to the top. On top was a large hole in the ice. They flew down to the bottom of the hole and found a large cavern dug out of the rock beneath the glacier. In the cave was a small trickle of water coming from an icicle by the far wall. The far wall had a hobgoblin frozen in its ice. Goblin words were written to both sides and below the hobgoblin. Logan used his comprehend languages ability to read the writing. He found that the left writing listed the titles of the hobgoblin, Gek-rogakh, and identified him as an engineer. The left side also had hobgoblins battle songs written below the titles.

The right side described the achievements of the whole hobgoblin race as well as those of Kruk-Ma-Kali. Logan also noticed a symbol for Selene in the right side with a circle around it. Logan suspected something was up due to the clue they’d found in the ancient castle, so he detected magic. He found none in the symbol or the cavern.

The writing below the hobgoblin said, “Only the valiant shall follow Kruk-Ma-Kali, but they must learn to start anew, like the moons.”

The party decided that something important must happen on the full moon while in this room. It was a new moon that night, so a return was scheduled for 15 days later.

The party teleported back to the tomb entrance to rest. Amalius was close to finishing The Manual of Military Prowess and also going a bit insane from reading for days without sleep.


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