Western Cimmeria Cities

The cities of Western Cimmeria were largely dominated by the Xorian Kingdom until the nation’s collapse after the Second Alliance War.

Cecilia – Cecilia is a fishing and trading town within the Xorian Kingdom on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. Cecilia was named after its founder, Cecilia the Salt Champion. Cecilia slew the sea monsters of the Caspian enabling fishing villages to spring up all along the coast. The town that bears her name is a religious site for the races of the water such as merfolk and sahuagin. They owe much to Cecilia and many sacred rites are performed on the beaches and in the shallows surrounding the city. This has also created a peculiar sort of tourism as many land races come to see the rituals of the sea people.

Colchis – Colchis is a rich trade city between Cimmeria and Europa. Once the location of the fabled Golden Fleece, King Aeëtes fell into despair after his daughter Medea killed his son Absyrtus. Fearing that his own death was imminent, Aeëtes performed unholy rituals to turn himself into an undead. He ruled for centuries until the Xorian Rage, Grave, killed him. The Xorians ruled Colchis for forty years. After the Second Alliance War, Colchis descended into internal conflict. There are currently three people that claim the throne of Colchis and chaos rules the city.

Crafterton – Crafterton is a halfling industrial city that exports all manner of manufactured goods. Some of the more exotic exports include golems, extradimensional pockets, potions, and houses. Prior to the Second Alliance War Crafterton was ruled by the factory owners. In the rebellion at the end of the war, the factory owners were killed. The workers are now in the process of establishing a communist state.

Dradelden – The city of the Amazons and a past ally of the Xorian Kingdom. As one might expect, Dradelden is known for two things, horses and female warriors. The best cavalry in Cimmeria are bred in Dradelden using the descendants of Achilles’s horses Balius and Xanthus as stock. The Amazons are the best fighters in Cimmeria as well. Whether alone, in groups, on foot, or on horseback, no other city-state or nation can rival the tenacity and ferocity of the Amazons. After the Second Alliance War ended the Amazons became the dominant military force in Western Cimmeria. They have returned to raiding and exacting tribute from the region.

Gazeara – Gazeara is a communist society where everything is shared among the populace. The government formed around Leopold Anigama during the revolution against King Shardamar II. Anigama created a cult of personality around himself and used his magical powers to defy the Xorians for years. His eventual death allowed the city’s occupation, but his memory fueled a significant resistance movement. Rebels liberated the city near the end of the Second Alliance War. The hero, Logan, returned to help the city of his birth. The citizens penchant for cult-like worship of their leaders refocused itself from the deceased Anigama onto Logan.

Jeutontic – Jeutontic sits on the eastern edge of Gaia’s Navel and an uncounted number of tunnels into the Underdark. Conflict with the Underdark races is common. Jeutontic uses battle mages mounted on flying aerials to defend the city-state’s borders. Most of Persia’s trade to Cimmeria comes through the city and the tax revenues collected are Jeutontic’s main source of income. After the Second Alliance War, the Rebellion leaders placed a puppet leader named Gogonta on the emancipated throne of Jeutontic.

Jevanicia – Jevanicia was a mine and quarry town within the Xorian Kingdom. It provided iron, silver, and stone for Xoria. The geriviar, Bill, destroyed the town looking for his lost dog, Scruffy. After the town’s destruction, slavers descended on the town and captured most of the residents. Smashed ruins still remain, inhabited by a few of the survivors that escaped slavery.

Makotako – Makotako sits next to Bigby’s Forest which constantly regrows its trees, providing more than enough lumber for all of Makotako’s needs. The city’s biggest export is lumber. In the past it also served as a trading hub for the elves of the forest, but the Xorian occupation drove the elves into isolation. Without a natural industry the people of Makotako now fear that they will soon become a tributary of the Amazons.

Nox – The capital city of Xoria. Nox is the largest city in Western Cimmeria. The Battle of the Hecatonchires at the end of the Second Alliance War devastated the city. Queen Tarigananata has opened the Kingdom’s wallet to assist in rebuilding the city. Construction is constant. The famous market square of Nox continues to bustle with activity as commodities of all kinds are sold in the city’s walls.

Petar – Petar was once the military center of Xoria. After the Second Alliance War, the druids of Petar stepped in to lead the city. Despite the druids usual animosity towards royalty, they maintained their fealty to the Xorian crown. Petar’s hill contains a large gold mine. Most of the minted gold in Xoria comes from this mine.

Semanarie – Semanarie was a buildingless town created by the Naturalist druids of Bigby’s Forest. With many natural ingredients and animals, the town became a haven for cooking experts. Xoria took over the town during the reign of King Jevaninada I. The settlement’s unique culture crumbled under oppressive foreign rule. Ending the Second Alliance War reopened the window for Semanarie’s revival but so far no druids have shown interest in supporting the resurrected community.

Sheerzen – Sheerzen is a city composed of a single enormous tower that reaches over a thousand feet into the sky. The city was built by the magic of the bronze dragon patriarch, Rilopenaril. The royals of the city are mortal half-breeds descended from Rilopenaril and Langudina. Ritual combat decides who the heir to the throne will be among the eligible members of the royal family. The current leaders of Sheerzen are the siblings, King Dominiic and Queen Freya.

Tectoctar – Tectoctar was built in Danar’s Swamp by the renegade Xorian General Tectoctar. As time passed, Tectoctar became a haven for monstrous races who weren’t accepted in the rest of Cimmeria. The town exported unique goods gathered from the swamp. Everything fell apart when Queen Anajakaze of Xoria attacked. Tectoctar was destroyed and the ruins sank into the swamp.