Cities of Cimmeria

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The Cimmerian setting contains many cities which are setup as independent city-states, much like Classical Greece. A few kingdom states exist and occasionally the city-states ally against a greater threat, but usually they spend their time fighting amongst themselves.

Each city-state has a different method of ruling. Royal lines, republics, caste systems, and even magical systems of government exist in the Cimmerian cities. Each city description details the method of governance in that city.

Cimmeria contains two large kingdoms which rule over multiple cities, the Aractrashan Kingdom and the Xorian Kingdom. Aractrash exists within the Aractrashan Jungle and along the eastern shore of the Caspian. Xoria dominated the western half of Cimmeria and until recently was expanding into the east.

Persia is the other major player in Cimmeria politics. Due to problems on their western borders with the Greeks the Persians have stayed out of Cimmeria since the First Alliance War. However, Xoria’s weakening after losing the Second Alliance War may provide an opportunity for the foreign juggernaut.

Xorian Kingdom

Over the last fifty years Xoria rapidly expanded its borders. Starting with the control of just three city-states the Kingdom’s influence spread to encompass half of Cimmeia in just two generations of rulers. This expansion was begun by King Jevaninada the First. The events of the First Alliance War resulted in Jevaninada’s death, but his pregnant wife, Queen Anajakaze, continued the war in his absence. She gave birth to a son, Jevaninada II, during the war and she swiftly concluded hostilities. The Queen continued to add to Xoria’s borders during her regency for her son.

When it came time to relinquish her regency, Anajakaze refused. Prince Jevaninada II resorted to violence to reclaim his throne, but the battle between him and his mother was interrupted by a draconic intruder. Blendegad the Reaper, the vampiric human turned red dragon, attacked the royal pair, slaying Anajakaze and draining Jevaninada’s blood. Jevaninada’s divine royal blood mixed with that of Blendegad forming a new type of daywalker vampire. Jevaninada II arose as the first dragovinian and the new King of Xoria.

Blendegad established himself as the new god of Xoria with Jevaninada II as his living avatar. The two dubbed their new religion Dragoviniysm. The strong were rewarded with dragovinian status. The weak were fed upon once a week by those gifted with immortality. With the Olympians in disarray, the new Xorian hegemony was free to push into eastern Cimmeria, taking ground from the Second Alliance.

Nox – The capital city of Xoria. Nox is the largest city in Western Cimmeria. The city’s market square has almost every item imaginable available for purchase along with dozens of street performers along with other sorts of entertainment. Nox is home to the Museum of Power where Argus guards a number of artifacts no longer used by humanity. The King’s Copse outside the city walls and Castle Xoria are both off-limits to the public.

Petar – The military center of Xoria. Duke Delor rules the city with a cruel iron fist. When Duke Delor walks the streets only other dragovinians are safe from his gaze. Petar’s hill contains a large gold mine. Most of the minted gold in Xoria comes from this mine.

Jeutontic – Jeutontic sits on the eastern edge of Gaia’s Navel and an uncounted number of tunnels into the Underdark. Conflict with the Underdark races used to be common, but has dropped off in recent decades due to the mass enslavement of the races of the deep. Jeutontic uses this slave population for labor related to the city’s trade with Persia. Most of Persia’s trade comes through the city and the tax revenues collected are vital to Xoria’s incomes.

Jeutontic also has a sizeable number of exotic animals. Aerials, flying mounts, are routinely bred, trained, and sold in Jeutontic. Elephants are commonly used for goods too heavy for aerials to carry. Numerous fantastic pets are sold in the city including pseudodragons, cockatrices, and the city’s homegrown Kanroji, a magical fox with nine different types of breath weapons.

Dradalden – The city of the Amazons and an ally of the Xorian Kingdom. The marriage of Queen Anajakaze and King Jevaninada I sealed the pact between Nox and Dradelden. As one might expect, Dradelden is known for two things, horses and female warriors. The best cavalry in Cimmeria are bred in Dradelden using the descendants of Achilles’s horses Balius and Xanthus as stock. The Amazons are the best fighters in Cimmeria as well. Whether alone, in groups, on foot, or on horseback, no other city-state or nation can rival the tenacity and ferocity of the Amazons.

The alliance between Dradelden and Xoria began to break down after the death of Queen Anajakaze and the rise of the Dragovinians. Anajakaze’s successor, Queen Ashabodai, accepted Dragovinian status, but many other Amazons have rejected undead immortality. When Queen Ashabodai was killed at the Battle of Phoenix, she was replaced by a mortal, Queen Jittehalong. While Jittehalong has maintained the alliance with Xoria, she may alter the arrangement should another path present itself.

Cecilia – A fishing and trading town on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. Cecilia was named after its founder, the Salt Champion. Cecilia slew the sea monsters of the Caspian enabling fishing villages to spring up all along the coast. The town that bears her name is a religious site for the races of the water such as merfolk and sahuagin. They owe much to Cecilia and many sacred rites are performed on the beaches and in the shallows surrounding the city. This has also created a peculiar sort of tourism as many land races come to see the rituals of the sea people.

Cecilia as conquered by King Demotinira of Xoria and became a subject state of the Xorian Kingdom. Cecilia is Xoria’s main trading port, taking in goods from the Persians, Aractrashans, and Eastern Cimmerians. Until the capture of Makotako, Cecilia also served as Xoria’s naval base. The majority of the Kingdom’s ships were harbored at Cecilia, but most have since relocated to Makotako.

Makotako – Makotako is the home of the Xorian navy. The city was conquered by the Xorians in 445BCE. Due to its proximity to Bigby’s Forest the port is capable of producing a vast amount of ships. The enchanted wood constantly regrows, providing more than enough lumber for all of Makotako’s needs. Admiral Willis leads the Xorian navy. Willis has ordered the shipwrights to construct dozens of biremes for the fleet, despite his advisors telling him the bireme design is outdated.

Colchis – Once the location of the fabled Golden Fleece, Colchis has become a sad memorial to the ancient King Aeëtes. The King fell into despair after his daughter Medea killed his son Absyrtus. Fearing that his own death was imminent, Aeëtes performed unholy rituals to turn himself into a new form of undead, a Curst. Aeëtes’s new form violated the terms of the Resurrection Pact with Hades. The God of the Underworld sent countless minions to reclaim the soul of Aeëtes, but the Colchian King evaded him for centuries.

King Aeëtes made the city a shrine to himself and his murdered son and many statues and frescoes linger after the King’s rebellion and death. The city was ruled by Lady Shunawo for a few decades, but since her death, no one has singular control over the city. Regardless of who is in control, Colchis continues to be a link between Cimmeria and Europa.

Crafterton – Crafterton is a halfling industrial city living under the thumb of Xorian rule. The city exports all manner of manufactured goods. Some of the more exotic exports include golems, extradimensional pockets, potions, and houses. The City’s Commercial Council of factory owners nominally rules Crafterton, but the true ruler is Commander Borgawitas, a dragovinian military governor installed by King Jevaninada II. Xorian occupation has benefited the factory owners, but the common citizens suffer under the lash everyday.

Sheerzen – Sheerzen is a city composed of a single enormous tower that reaches over a thousand feet into the sky. The city was built by the magic of the bronze dragon patriarch, Rilopenaril. The royals of the city are mortal half-breeds descended from Rilopenaril and Langudina. Ritual combat decides who the heir to the throne will be among the eligible members of the royal family.

The current leaders of Sheerzen are the siblings, King Dominiic and Queen Freya. Rilopenaril left the city after betraying his brethren in the Dragon War. Dominiic and Freya oversee the city’s exports of artistic goods. The royal pair surrendered to the Xorians when they invaded. They continue to rule Sheerzen as subjects of King Jevaninada II. Their enlightened leadership has created a society where dragovinians and mortals can mix without the malice seen in the rest of the Xorian Empire.

Gazeara –

Semanarie –

Tectoctar –

Jevanicia –

Greshendale –

Aractrashan Kingdom

Aractrash is a kingdom in its infancy. King Staynard is only the third in his royal line to sit on the throne in the capital of Yuettencal. His father, King Ballard, died recently in an assassination attempt. Ballard had hoped to keep Aractrash out of the Second Alliance War with Xoria, but his death has forced Staynard to join the Second Alliance. While inexperienced, Staynard is surrounded by many competent and loyal advisors who provide guidance as his leaderships skills develop.

Yuettencal –

Satronwook –

Tetalya –

Lordodo –

The Second Alliance


Phoenix –

Bradel Fields –




Mars’ Oasis




Restnor’s Point



Unaffliated City-states

Nomingburg –

Balin’s Holt

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