Other NPCs

AeëtesKing Aeëtes was the son of the sun Titan, Helios, and the Oceanid, Perseis. Aeëtes founded his city, Colchis, during the Golden Age of Man before the Titans fell. King Aeëtes lived a long time due to his godly blood and due to the magic spells of his daughter, Medea. When she abandoned him, Aeëtes turned to dark magic himself to extend his life. He became an undead monster, hunted by Hades. Throughout history Aeëtes seemed to be on the wrong side of every war. This eventually resulted in his death during the First Alliance War.

DeekgaonDeekgaon, King of the Deep Dwarves, sought the Fierce Axe of Dwarvish Lords all his life. When it was finally found he did everything in his power to claim it, but failed. He now serves the wielder of the Fierce Axe, High King Torngar, as the General of the Dwarven Army. King Deekgaon is orchestrating the dwarven war to reclaim the Underdark space beneath the Xoria.

SandilSandil is King of Duergar Dwarves. He evacuated his people to the Deep Dwarf Kingdom when they were attacked by the Xorians. Sandil uses enchantment magic to subtly and overtly influence those around him. Through this magic he controls the other dwarven kings towards his ends. He is currently nudging them to reclaim the region of the Underdark beneath Xoria for the Duergar Kingdom.

SherlockSherlock is a wizard that lives in a magical tower close to Harbinston. His quest for ultimate power drove him to find the tower, which now grants him the power he wished for. Unfortunately, his life is now tied to the tower. He is unable to leave and must occasionally ask for help from others who possess the mobility that he does not. His quest and the acquisition of infinite power has also driven Sherlock a little mad. Some people come to Sherlock’s Tower just to witness his insane magical experiments.

VecnaVecna is a powerful lich and shop owner in Crux. Her shop deals in potions, a few magic items, and powerful necromantic spells capable of destroying entire cities. She was not always the terrifying undead witch she is today. Many centuries ago she was a common human woman working on a farm. Her life was changed when Thanatos, god of death, fell in love with her.