Sherlock is a wizard that lives in a magical tower close to Harbinston. His quest for ultimate power drove him to find the tower, which now grants him the power he wished for. Unfortunately, his life is now tied to the tower. He is unable to leave and must occasionally ask for help from others who possess the mobility that he does not. His quest and the acquisition of infinite power has also driven Sherlock a little mad. Some people come to Sherlock’s Tower just to witness his insane magical experiments.

Sherlock started his adventuring career outside of Phoenix. Immediately after finishing his training at the Mages Guild in Phoenix, Sherlock hired some guards and bought some trained dogs. He used his magic, the guards, and the dogs to raid monster lairs east of the city. Sherlock intensely studied the magical items they found in the lairs. The item that interested him most was a stone tablet with a puzzle map.

After exhaustive research Sherlock discovered the secrets of the magic stone tablet. The writing on the rock described the location at the map’s end as a tower of infinite height with access to absolute power within. The map spoke of terrible guardians at the tower as well. Sherlock knew his dogs and mercenaries would be no match for the tower’s defenses. He signed on a warrior, a priest, and a scout to help him. The warrior was named Burne, the priest was named Sherry, and the scout was named Egon.

Following Sherlock’s puzzle map proved difficult but the wizard would not be denied the reward the tablet promised. The adventuring band took many months to decipher the clues and find their next step along the path. While traveling together Burne and Sherry started a romantic relationship. Finally, through their collective effort the group found the tower. It was not infinite, but as they entered they discovered it was larger on the inside. After defeating the tower’s guardians and examining the surroundings they learned that the tower’s power could only be activated from a separate location. Sherlock and Egon stayed at the tower while Burne and Sherry went to the other location.

As the quartet activated the tower, Sherlock’s awareness expanded. Of the two pairs, one in each pair would die. The other would be granted infinite knowledge or perfect being. Sherlock took infinite knowledge for himself while Burne became the stronger than any other mortal. In the process, Egon and Sherry died.

Burne swore vengeance against Sherlock for the deaths of Sherry and Egon. The warrior attacked the tower with his newfound strength. Unfortunately, the tower granted Sherlock infinite magical power as long as he stayed within it. Burne retreated and settled in the nearby village of Harbinston.

Sherlock used the power of the tower for magical experimentation. He made several golems and animated objects of all kinds, including silverware to feed him. He constructed an alternate dimension composed entirely of creatures made from different confections. He created numerous items to make his days easier by washing his clothes and linens, making his food, cleaning his dishes, and other household chores. Sherlock entertained himself for years with these experiments.

After a time, Sherlock became bored. He could do anything he wanted except leave the tower. He tried reshaping the tower’s interior, but even that exercise proved tiresome. Sherlock’s only refuge lay in watching others live their lives outside the tower. He now spends most of his days gazing into a scrying crystal. Sherlock watches all the main events of Cimmeria’s history from the comfort of his palatial tower, unable to directly take part in any of the events despite his endless magical power.