Time of the Conclave NPCs

AeëtesKing Aeëtes was the son of the sun Titan, Helios, and the Oceanid, Perseis. Aeëtes founded his city, Colchis, during the Golden Age of Man before the Titans fell. King Aeëtes lived a long time due to his godly blood and due to the magic spells of his daughter, Medea. When she abandoned him, Aeëtes turned to dark magic himself to extend his life. He became an undead monster, hunted by Hades. Throughout history Aeëtes seemed to be on the wrong side of every war. This eventually resulted in his death during the First Alliance War.

Croshan Croshan was one of the elven kings created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. He led his people to victory during the Goblin War and into the Whitewood Forest when the Conclave dissolved. Rather than face the dragons, King Croshan took his elves into the Underdark to become Dark Elves. From the Underdark Croshan led raids on the surface world for centuries. His death passed with little fanfare on the surface, but sent ripples across the Underdark as Drow culture drastically restructured itself into a religious matriarchy.

KarnafaustKarnafaust was the first dwarf and the first Dwarven King. King Karnafaust always put his people first, but his hot temper often led him to make decisions to their detriment. He led the dwarves in quitting the Conclave to found the city of Fangaroot and he was the first mortal to be brought back to life under the Resurrection Pact of Hades. Karnafaust died a second time during Kenderax the dragon’s attack on Fangaroot. The dragon devoured his bones, so he was never buried, but a shrine in his memory was built in Dalleer.

SadrostonSadroston was created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. Sadroston was imbued with special power by the gods, making Sadroston into a powerful magical beacon, but one of indeterminate race and gender. The five races of the Conclave, human, elf, halfling, dwarf, and orc, all claim Sadroston as one of their own. Sadroston led the Conclave of Cimmeria to victory against the goblins that originally inhabited Cimmeria. After the war’s conclusion Sadroston retired to raise their children and grandchildren. After 200 years Sadroston died. The dragons of Cimmeria had been waiting for Sadroston’s death to conquer Cimmeria. The death of the first Cimmerian hero heralded a century of domination by the evil dragons.