Heroic Age

Covering the period that the Greeks told stories about. The dates I give are estimates based on what I thought made sense. There are dozens of additional events that could be included here, but I chose to only have the big events and those related to the Homeric Epics which signaled the end of the Heroic Age.

1421BCE: Deucalion was born.

1339BCE: The Great Flood happened, signaling the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Heroic Age.

1196BCE: Paris stole Helen and the call went out among the Achaeans.

1195BCE: Odysseus found Achilles at Scyros and the ships sailed to Troy, ravaging almost every settlement enroute to the great city.

1193BCE: The Achaeans arrived at Troy.

1183BCE: Troy fell, signaling that the Heroic Age would end soon.

1173BCE: Odysseus returned home.

1159BCE: Odysseus was killed by Telegonus, his son with Circe. Telegonus took Penelope and Telemachus back to Circe’s Island. Telegonus married Penelope and Circe married Telemachus. This death and marriage signaled the end of the Heroic Age and the beginning of the Iron Age for Greece.