Historical NPCs

Historical NPCs are split into the four major historical eras of Cimmeria, the Time of the Conclave, the Age of Monsters, the Early Kingdoms, and the Time of Prosperity.

Time of the Conclave NPCsA limited selection, mostly of important progenitors of the five races of Cimmeria. Currently this section only has four NPCs in it, Aeëtes, Croshan, Karnafaust, and Sadroston.

Age of Monsters NPCs This section is dominated by the dragons and the Heroes of the Dragon War. There were a few other heroes that killed monsters prior to the start of the Dragon War as well.

Early Kingdoms NPCs This section marks a return to civilization. Most of the NPCs founded kingdoms and expanded them. The big historical events for this section are the githyanki invasion and the campaign of Kruk-Ma-Kali. This section also touches on some actual historical events related to the Xorian Kingdom and its historical equivalent, the Cimmerian people.

Time of Prosperity NPCs When I started writing material for Cimmeria I worked on the different city-states and described a bit of their recent history. That history encompassed many of the NPCs in this section. Additionally, more events of the historical Cimmerian people are represented in this section with fantasy analogs of historical monarchs of the Cimmerian tribe (Xorian Kingdom in my version).