Time of Prosperity NPCs

AeëtesKing Aeëtes was the son of the sun Titan, Helios, and the Oceanid, Perseis. Aeëtes founded his city, Colchis, during the Golden Age of Man before the Titans fell. King Aeëtes lived a long time due to his godly blood and due to the magic spells of his daughter, Medea. When she abandoned him, Aeëtes turned to dark magic himself to extend his life. He became an undead monster, hunted by Hades. Throughout history Aeëtes seemed to be on the wrong side of every war. This eventually resulted in his death during the First Alliance War.

AnajakazeQueen Anajakaze of the Amazons led her people to their greatest heights in Cimmerian history. Born of an Amazon and Zeus, she was raised in secret until one of the many wars between Xoria and Dradelden brook out. Anajakaze became queen and ended that war by marrying King Jevaninada. The might of Xorian and Amazon forces conquered half of Cimmeria. Anajakaze ruled as regent for her infant son after Jevaninada died. She reformed the government to be more respectful and accepting of women. When he son came of age Anajakaze refused to relinquish power. Prince Jevaninada II took power by force and Anajakaze died in the process. While her reign had good and bad points, it heralded a dark time in Cimmeria’s history as the evil dragovinians came into power after her death.

AntapikeGeneral Antapike was a prominent commander serving the Xorian King Demotinira. There were no great wars during Antapike’s tenure as a Xorian general, but he was greatly involved in politics. During the succession crisis that followed Demotinira’s death Antapike falsely executed Princess Tarigananata. In truth, he escaped with her to form an opposition to King Jevaninada I. Unfortunately, the opposition movement failed. Antapike died in the fighting and few now remember his name.

BalinBalin is the ruler of Balin’s Holt and the great-great-grandson of Shaelin. Balin became an adventurer with a lofty goal of eventually retaking Fangaroot from the kobolds and completing his ancestor’s heroic task. Balin succeeded and Fangaroot was renamed after him. Balin made a strong friendship with his fellow adventurer, Terry. When Terry died of old age it destroyed Balin. His life lingers on in depression and alcoholism.

The BaneSahamathrian grew up as an elven abjuration wizard in Valor’s Forest. He was captured by Kruk-Ma-Kali during the hobgoblin emperor’s campaigns and forced to serve in his army. Sahamathrian came to like service to the evil humanoids. When Kruk-Ma-Kali died, Sahamathrian was the architect of his tomb. Upon completion, the elf was now an accomplished necromancer. He became a lich known as the Bane and settled in the Lich Shade of Shacklack Desert. After a few centuries of peaceful necromantic experimentation he was killed by the Exiles of the Second Alliance.

Björn SkizofrenSkizofren is the Björn of Dalleer and has been so in secret for centuries. When he first came to power he was a competent leader and an alcoholic. As his love for drink grew he was given special powers by Dionysus. Skizofren was granted unusual magic powers, eternal life, and complete insanity. Skizofren began faking his death every few decades and naming his successor (a fake identity of himself in disguise). His disturbed mind caused the people of Dalleer to strip power away from the Björn. Skizofren had a few brief years of lucidity during Dionysus’s recent temperance, but he has since returned to his familiar madness.

Brothanon and TagiliKings Brothanon and Tagili were twin duarchs of Makotako. Their father ended the meritocracy of Makotako’s leadership by introducing traditional inheritance of the crown. The brothers joint rule led to disagreements and civil war. Tagili took his followers to found Gazeara. The two continued to fight until a climactic duel provided a cathartic release. The two brothers continued to rule their separate kingdoms, but as allies instead of enemies.

ChirrigarChirrigar was a fire giant and the Great Lump, the dictator of Dorrowsan. He created the ice city using a piece of quartz and a magic scepter from a dragon’s hoard. Chirrigar used the scepter to control the people of Dorrowsan, but he never had a particular aim for this power. Out of boredom he challenged the Second Alliance to a duel. The Alliance members cheated and killed Chirrigar while preserving the appearance of a fair duel. Control of Dorrowsan passed to the Alliance Council Member, Kig Yupington.

Croshan Croshan was one of the elven kings created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. He led his people to victory during the Goblin War and into the Whitewood Forest when the Conclave dissolved. Rather than face the dragons, King Croshan took his elves into the Underdark to become Dark Elves. From the Underdark Croshan led raids on the surface world for centuries. His death passed with little fanfare on the surface, but sent ripples across the Underdark as Drow culture drastically restructured itself into a religious matriarchy.

Darnard and KhyganthaDarnard was the mortal son of Hades and Persephone. Born on the surface world he was unable to return to Erebos and was raised by the half-elf sorceress, Khygantha. When he came of age he traveled the Aractrashan Jungle with Khygantha to defeat monsters. His capstone accomplishment was slaying a silver dragon and raising its hatchling. Darnard used the dragon’s gold to found a city. He married Khygantha, his companion since birth. They had a son and would be remembered as the founding couple of the Aractrashan Kingdom’s royal line.

GollardGollard was the son of the partially divine hero, Darnard, and the half-elf sorceress, Khygantha. As an adult Gollard started a relationship with a Drow, Medrika. This romance spawned a war between Yuettencal and the Dark Elves. Gollard helped lead his people to victory, but after the war he set aside his Drow mistress for a nymph. When Gollard became king he organized a network of defenses for trade within Aractrash. This network provided the framework for the Aractrashan Kingdom that came into being under Gollard’s son, Willard.

Graz-LokbarGraz-Lokbar was the last hobgoblin ruler to unite the hobgoblins as one nation. She invaded Eastern Cimmeria, but she lacked the strategic genius of Kruk-Ma-Kali. Graz-Lokbar was forced to retreat. Her military losses compounded into political losses and within a few years the Hobgoblin Empire collapsed.

IdanthyrsiaQueen Idanthyrsia oversaw the downfall of the Scythian Kingdom in the west and the migration of the Amazons to Cimmeria. The Amazons of Dradelden used their military might to exact tribute from the surrounding city-states but tended to avoid open war. Idanthyrsia sought to exert direct control over the Amazon tributaries. The resulting violence ended with her death and a loss of Amazon power in Cimmeria.

JingoDuke Jingo was the majordomo of Nomingburg for nearly one hundred years. He pacified the civil strife that ruled the city after Tracy’s second death during the Draco-Gith War. Unfortunately, Jingo could not live forever. Near the end of his life he was assassinated by the Second Alliance Exiles as part of a demonic pact they’d made. Nomingburg’s precarious peace collapsed as a century of grudge killings returned.

Leopold AnigamaLeopold Anigama rose to prominence during the rebellion against King Shardamar II of Gazeara. He played a leading role during the revolution and upon its success, he became the new dictator of Gazeara. He built a cult of personality around himself as Gazeara’s head and soon used his hidden psionic powers to become the living god of the city. During the First Alliance War, Anigama joined the Alliance. He held his own against the Rages of Xoria, but unfortunately the tide of war turned against him. Grave and Wrath killed Anigama and Gazeara was conquered by Queen Anajakaze.

LygdamisKing Lygdamis was the son of King Teushpa and the last King of Xoria to have a significant presence outside of Cimmeria. He took the throne during a declining period for Xorian power. While Lygdamis prevented the country’s total collapse, he was unable to secure any victories abroad.

MedrikaMedrika was a Drow spider alchemist. She developed the redwire spider, but stole it to escape the viciously competitive Dark Elf society. She brought the spiders to Aractrash and started a relationship with Prince Gollard to defend herself from the wrath of King Croshan of the Dark Elves. Unfortunately, despite having a daughter with Gollard, the human still set her aside for another. Medrika returned to the Underdark. With renewed confidence she killed King Croshan and replaced him as the new Queen of the Drow.

Shardamar I and IIShardamar the First was the last powerful king of Gazeara. He inherited the throne from his father and weathered the difficulties of royal leadership better than most. Shardamar used pervasive divination magic to control his citizens and deflect attacks on the crown before they occurred. External threats were not so easily managed. Gazeara was briefly conquered by the Amazons and only freed due to the eldritch might of King Aeëtes of Colchis. In the end Shardamar left his kingdom better of than when he found it, but he failed to raise a competent successor. Shardamar the Second’s inept rule would lead to the end of monarchy in Gazeara.

SherlockSherlock is a wizard that lives in a magical tower close to Harbinston. His quest for ultimate power drove him to find the tower, which now grants him the power he wished for. Unfortunately, his life is now tied to the tower. He is unable to leave and must occasionally ask for help from others who possess the mobility that he does not. His quest and the acquisition of infinite power has also driven Sherlock a little mad. Some people come to Sherlock’s Tower just to witness his insane magical experiments.

TarigananataPrincess Tarigananata was the heir to the throne of Xoria, but her ascension was ruined by her younger brother, Prince Jevaninada I. Jevaninada convinced the rest of the court that Tarigananta was possessed by a demon and she fled Xoria. Tarigananata worked with General Antapike to reclaim her kingdom during the First Alliance War but failed due to the betrayal of Amalgami. She went into hiding and discovered that Jevaninada’s warnings had been true. The demon emerged and ravaged Xoria’s countryside. Tarigananata wrested control back from the demon and started another resistance movement. This Rebellion contributed to the fall of the Xorian Empire during the Second Alliance War. Tarigananata finally ascended to the throne, but of a kingdom in collapse rather than in its prime.

TectoctarGeneral Tectoctar was a Xorian general that came to prominence during Queen Idanthyrsia’s War. She invaded Xoria in an attempt to conquer Western Cimmeria. Frustrated with King Gigontaya’s policy of inaction, Tectoctar took his army and left the kingdom entirely. He set up his own community on the edge of Danar’s Swamp. Unfortunately, Tectoctar’s use of unstable magic drove him insane shortly thereafter. He fled into the swamp never to be seen again.

TeushpaKing Teushpa had a patient and ambitious approach to governance. He rebuilt Xorian villages that had been damaged by the Amazons. As Xoria’s peasant population recovered, so too did its capacity to wage aggressive wars. Teushpa invaded Assyria, but lost and signed an embarrassing peace treaty. The rest of his reign was spent raiding into Anatolia.

WillardWillard the Dragon Rider was the son of King Gollard and Queen Chatkal of Yuettencal. During his childhood he formed a close friendship with the family’s silver dragon, Kinderax. Willard learned to ride Kinderax and the pair proved to be a terror on the battlefield. The combined force allowed Willard to conquer Satronwook, Lordodo, and Tetalya and unite Aractrash into a single kingdom. Unfortunately, his partnership with Kinderax proved insufficient in the First Alliance War with Xoria. The duo was defeated, captured, and ransomed back to Aractrash in shame. Willard’s defeat led to the non-interventionist policies of his son and successor, Ballard.