Darnard and Khygantha

Darnard was the mortal son of Hades and Persephone. Born on the surface world he was unable to return to Erebos and was raised by the half-elf sorceress, Khygantha. When he came of age he traveled the Aractrashan Jungle with Khygantha to defeat monsters. His capstone accomplishment was slaying a silver dragon and raising its hatchling. Darnard used the dragon’s gold to found a city. He married Khygantha, his companion since birth. They had a son and would be remembered as the founding couple of the Aractrashan Kingdom’s royal line.

Darnard was born when Persephone entered premature labor while walking through the Aractrash Jungle. The son of Hades and Persephone was born on the surface world, out of Hades’s household. Without his father’s roof over his head, the boy was only partially divine. Persephone named the boy Darnard, but she was unable to stay with him or bring him with her. Instead, she gave Darnard to a half-elf sorcerer named Khygantha to nurse and raise.

Darnard grew into a strong man with fists like metal. He learned a bit of magic from Khygantha, with a particular focus on necromancy due to his father’s heritage. Knowing that the Aractrash Jungle swarmed with evil kobolds, gnolls, ogres, and trolls, Darnard begged Khygantha to help him do something about it. The odd pair set out to protect the people of the jungle from the monsters lurking within the trees.

Darnard and Khygantha fought off monster attacks throughout Aractrash. They instructed the people of each of the three Aractrashan cities, Lordodo, Satronwook, and Tetalya, in how to properly defend themselves in the future. After organizing defenses they went on the offensive. Darnard and Khygantha confronted the most vile monster in all of Aractrash, the silver dragon Snisterflixt. The pair defeated the dragon’s ogre attendants and slew the dragon itself. Within the beast’s lair they found an egg. Rather that smash the egg, Darnard chose to keep it and raise the dragon. Also within the dragon’s cave was a massive, untapped gold vein.

Darnard and Khygantha founded a new community south of the dragon’s cave. The dragon egg hatched into a friendly silver dragon. Darnard named the beast, Kinderax and raised it to be a good dragon. The gold mine at the cave provided boundless funding for Darnard and Khygantha’s city plans as immigrants swelled their community. As the city grew Darnard and Khygantha finally realized their love for each other. They were married.

Darnard and Khygantha’s growing city of Yuettencal was blessed by a son for its rulers. Khygantha gave birth to a boy, Gollard. When Gollard grew into a young man he started a relationship with a Drow woman named Medrika. This romance brought about a war between the Drow and Yuettencal. Darnard and Khygantha led the defense of their city and beat back the Dark Elf invasion. Years after the war, Gollard and Medrika had a daughter named Andima. Despite their love, Darnard forbade their marriage due to Medrika’s Drow lineage.

Darnard and Khygantha ruled well and established Yuettencal as a powerful force in the Aractrashan Jungle. Eventually Darnard died and Khygantha followed him soon after. Gollard assumed leadership over Yuettencal. By then he had moved on from his romance with Medrika. He married the nymph, Chatkal. Zeus blessed the marriage by bestowing a golden crown upon Gollard. He became King of Yuettencal. Medrika and Andima left the kingdom, filled with furious jealousy at Gollard’s betrayal.