Early Kingdoms NPCs

AeëtesKing Aeëtes was the son of the sun Titan, Helios, and the Oceanid, Perseis. Aeëtes founded his city, Colchis, during the Golden Age of Man before the Titans fell. King Aeëtes lived a long time due to his godly blood and due to the magic spells of his daughter, Medea. When she abandoned him, Aeëtes turned to dark magic himself to extend his life. He became an undead monster, hunted by Hades. Throughout history Aeëtes seemed to be on the wrong side of every war. This eventually resulted in his death during the First Alliance War.

BaraderaBaradera was a halfling living an uninteresting life in Satronwook until Dionysus and Pan showed up. Pan initiated a drinking contest for the locals with a golden crown as a reward for the winner. Baradera won and Dionysus crowned her, turning her into a magically intelligent panda. He gave Panda Baradera the command of a pack of blink dogs to enforce her decree for a single year until the drinking contest was held again. Baradera was shocked to learn that her true form would forever be that of a talking panda. Baradera angrily retired to a life of leisure along with the other past Pandas of Satronwook.

BavastatnerBavastatner was one of the first dragons born from the union of Echidna and Typhon. He and his sister-wife, Renvesharhialisv, ruled the blue dragons for centuries. At the death of Sadroston, they along with the other dragon primarchs subjugated the mortals of Cimmeria. He shared the fate of the other dragons when they were sealed by the Dragon Orbs. Bavastatner acted as the guardian of the Blue Orb until it was broken during the githyanki invasion of the Material Plane. Bavastatner reestablished his rule over the Shacklack Desert, reigning until his death at the hands of Amalius Halkias.

BlendegadBlendegad was a member of the Gish Trio that defeated the githyanki, the first vampire of Cimmeria, and eventually the Reaper god of the dragovinians. He was an accomplished swordsman and augmented his martial skills with a magical talent focused on quick-cast curses. As a hero his primary motivation was guilt for those he couldn’t save. This guilt eventually drove him to attain greater and greater forms of immortality in order to purge himself of weakness. He became a vampire, but was imprisoned by his companions, Galandir and Tereman. When Terroc accidentally freed him, Blendegad underwent another transformation into that of a dragon. He continued to ascend until he was close to the Olympians in power. Unfortunately, his power was wrought through a set of intricate spells. A powerful antimagic field defeated him and Blendegad’s life force was eradicated by Eathirilu at the end of the Second Alliance War.

The First BjörnLord Björn was a faithful advisor of King Cogard. He assumed leadership of Dalleer after Shaelin abdicated. He defended the city and led troops during the Dragon War. He took no sides during the Dwarven Civil War and emerged as an independent ruler at the conclusion. Björn kept his nose down during the githyanki invasion and managed to maintain his position after the outsiders were evicted. Rather than having his son succeed him, Björn named his human friend, Ballath, to take over after his death.

Björn BallathBallath was a human friend of the first Björn. His ascension was unpopular due to not being the proper heir of Lord Björn. Ballath took Björn’s name to try and ease tensions, but it failed. Björn Ballath ruled well and when the time came to name his successor he followed the first Björn’s lead and nominated someone from outside his family, Skizofren.

Björn SkizofrenSkizofren is the Björn of Dalleer and has been so in secret for centuries. When he first came to power he was a competent leader and an alcoholic. As his love for drink grew he was given special powers by Dionysus. Skizofren was granted unusual magic powers, eternal life, and complete insanity. Skizofren began faking his death every few decades and naming his successor (a fake identity of himself in disguise). His disturbed mind caused the people of Dalleer to strip power away from the Björn. Skizofren had a few brief years of lucidity during Dionysus’s recent temperance, but he has since returned to his familiar madness.

CondrofalspethCondrofalspeth was a half-elf descendant of Sadroston. He resettled Jeutontic after its collapse during the draconic occupation of Cimmeria. The city’s resurgence caught the attention of King Croshan of the Dark Elves who began aggressively raiding Jeutontic and the nearby villages. Condrofalspeth organized a defense force for the city-state and a flight of mobile aerial cavalry using griffons, hippogriffs, and pegasi. The resistance to Croshan’s raids earned Condrofalspeth the ire of the Drow king. Croshan attacked Jeutontic itself and while he was unable to pillage the city, he did succeed in slaying its leader. Condrofalspeth’s heirs continued to protect the city after his death.

Cristonton and CotinasathThe reigns of King Cristonton and King Cotinasath signaled a change in how Nox and Jeutontic saw themselves. Both cities moved forward from being individual city-states to true kingdoms with more than a single urban center. The two kings also set up a new dynamic for the two kingdoms as they became natural rivals for control of Western Cimmeria.

Croshan Croshan was one of the elven kings created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. He led his people to victory during the Goblin War and into the Whitewood Forest when the Conclave dissolved. Rather than face the dragons, King Croshan took his elves into the Underdark to become Dark Elves. From the Underdark Croshan led raids on the surface world for centuries. His death passed with little fanfare on the surface, but sent ripples across the Underdark as Drow culture drastically restructured itself into a religious matriarchy.

ForigataKing Forigata of Nox came to power when his brother Xorius was slain during the githyanki invasion. Forigata served under the githyanki until a revolution brought him back to the throne. Forigata’s independent rule was characterized by an ongoing conflict with the Nox Senate. Forigata refused to nominate new Senators and the ranks dwindled until barely anything was left when Forigata passed away.

GalandirGalandir was a member of the Gish Trio that defeated the githyanki and imprisoned Blendegad, his friend and the first vampire of Cimmeria. Galandir was an accomplished magician and warrior, able to channel spells through his sword for direct application to his enemies. The elven knight was a optimist, always seeing the best in the people around him. This optimism bordered on naivete and occasionally led to dangerous missteps for the gish hero. After repelling the githyanki, Galandir started a school with Tereman. They taught their students how to combine martial arts with magic. 

GlospielGlospiel was a halfling merchant in Western Cimmeria. Glospiel founded a new trading post near the edge of Bigby’s Forest and named it Makotako. The town quickly grew as a premier trade outpost. Glospiel was the first elected king of Makotako. He served honorably while continuing to enrich himself through his private business ventures. When King Glospiel died he separated his private business and his public responsibilities. The crown passed to someone outside of Glospiel’s family, a tradition that continued for many years.

JasaetuparthQueen Jasaetuparth ruled Jeutontic after the death of her father Condrofalspeth. She enriched her people with the brilliant commercial system that Condrofalspeth had developed. Jasaetuparth made an alliance with Queen Trigonora of Nox when the Nox Senate plotted to overthrow her. Unfortunately, the junior Senator Xorius was able to organize the Senatorials to claim victory. Jasaetuparth continued to rule Jeutontic with her cousin, Trigonora as her closest advisor.

KitanotagaKing Kitanotaga of Xoria was the first in the Xorian royal line to push the nation’s influence beyond Cimmeria. He took the nation from being just the Kingdom of Nox to being the Xorian Kingdom. Kitanotaga conquered Jeutontic and led his army in campaigns to the southwest against the Assyrians and other tribes in Mesopotamia. The aggressiveness of Kitanotaga’s foreign policy was matched by his appetite at the table. He perished after a particularly excessive drinking bout.

Kruk-Ma-KaliKruk-Ma-Kali was a hobgoblin warlord that conquered portions of Eastern Cimmeria to form the short-lived Hobgoblin Empire. He unified the hobgoblin people using his secret telepathic powers. The unity only lasted as long as he lived. After suffering a mortal wound from an assassin, Kruk-Ma-Kali willed his empire, “to the strongest,” resulting in a war in which the hobgoblin people fought for the scraps of his empire. Kruk-Ma-Kali’s psyche survived his death inside of his black sword, Kharad-khor. He would play a minor role in the Second Alliance War before Amalius traded the hobgoblin emperor’s soul to Hades as a bargaining chip.

Kruk-Sho-KarKruk-Sho-Kar was a hobgoblin king. During the chaos of the Dragon War, he united the different hobgoblin coalitions into a single army with one purpose. They invaded Eastern Cimmeria which was weakened by decades of fighting against the dragons. Kruk-Sho-Kar’s invasion force was strong enough that Toffoun, Amalgami, and Jovy of the Dragon War Heroes had to reunite to defeat it. Kruk-Sho-Kar had to retreat back to the Hobgoblin Lands to secure his internal position from revolt.

The Lich-queenThe Lich-queen is an immortal despot who rules over the githyanki people in the Astral Plane. Through necromantic rituals she has achieved a spark of divinity, but her power still pales before a true god’s. She constantly hungers for more power. The Lich-queen observed the growing power of the mortals in Cimmeria after the Dragon War. Her servants found an ally in the blue dragons and they freed Bavastatner. Together the githyanki and blue dragons conquered Cimmeria. Tracy and the Gish Trio managed to break this alliance by empowering Bavastatner. They used the Draco-Gith War as a distraction to banish the Lich-queen back to the Astral Plane, but at the expense of Tracy’s soul. Now the Lich-queen waits, always watching for another way to increase her divine power.

LuwiaLuwia was the daughter of Björn Ballath of Dalleer and she was the Queen of Bradel Fields. She founded the city of Bradel Fields after she was passed over for succession in Dalleer. Her rule was characterized by conflict with Dalleer and an eventual fall from grace after military defeat. Luwia was the first monarch of Bradel Fields and the last.

Proculus JuliusProculus Julius was the tribunus celerum of Rome at the time of Romulus’s death. He witnessed a divine visit from Romulus after the king’s death that confirmed Romulus’s ascension to godhood. Unfortunately, the Senate didn’t trust Proculus Julius to be loyal, so they forcibly retired him and the 300 Celeres that served under him. Proculus Julius and the Celeres abandoned Rome and journeyed westward. They continued west around the dark side of the world and eventually settled Mars’ Oasis.

RestnorRestnor was the name given to three generations of rangers who attempted to tame Eastern Cimmeria’s wild areas after the Dragon War. Restnor the Second defeated a powerful lizardfolk kingdom allowing for more civilized societies to develop. Restnor the Third founded one of those settlements and the city now bears his name, Restnor’s Point.

SahamathrianSahamathrian grew up as an elven abjuration wizard in Valor’s Forest. He was captured by Kruk-Ma-Kali during the hobgoblin emperor’s campaigns and forced to serve in his army. Sahamathrian came to like service to the evil humanoids. When Kruk-Ma-Kali died, Sahamathrian was the architect of his tomb. Upon completion, the elf was now an accomplished necromancer. He became a lich known as the Bane and settled in the Lich Shade of Shacklack Desert. After a few centuries of peaceful necromantic experimentation he was killed by the Exiles of the Second Alliance.

SaikolokSaikolok was the Queen of the Amazons who settled a colony within Cimmeria at Dradelden. She conquered the Black Sea region by aggressively expanding into other tribal areas and empowering the women within those places. The communities of Western Cimmeria were forced to pay tribute to Saikolok, but their walls protected them from assault during her campaigns.

Shortrastor Queen Shortrastor of the Dominarie Mountains rose from common birth to royal matriarch of a significant dwarvish kingdom. To defend her independence she often made decisions that were deliberately contrary to the course of Cimmeria’s history. She refused a marriage offer from King Cogard that would have unified the dwarven people under a single crowned couple. During the Dragon War she fought for Bavastatner instead of for the mortals. Her refusal to seek aid from the public will of Cimmeria proved a regretful choice in the end. Her betrayal of Bavastatner led to Dominarie’s subjugation. Ultimately the absence of strong allies in Cimmeria allowed Kruk-Ma-Kali’s army to completely destroy the Dominarie kingdom and exterminate Queen Shortrastor’s royal line. Little remains of her legacy as the bulk of the Dominarie wealth was plundered by the hobgoblins during their genocidal invasion. Queen Shortrastor’s life is now nothing but a tragic warning for those who refuse to compromise.

ShratalandaShratalanda was a masterful elvish psion and the hidden guide of the Dragon War’s Heroes. She foresaw the injustices the dragons’ law would create and set in motion events leading to the Dragon War. Many of the Heroes of the Dragon War were unknowingly touched by Shratalanda at some point in their lives. For her own part in the Dragon War, Shratalanda favored magically transforming her body into a weapon in its own right and going toe to toe with her opponent. Shratalanda created a monastic school for other psions in the Shacklack Desert before joining the other heroes of the Dragon War in slumber.

TentinehTentineh was one of the most powerful wizards who ever lived. Master of the elements he came up with many new spells never seen before. He became the defender of Greshendale during the Age of Monsters. Frustrated with draconic tyranny, Tentineh led the heroes of the land during the Dragon War. He invented the Orbs of Dragonkind to imprison the dragons. Greshendale was destroyed during the war, but upon the heroes’ victory, Tentineh used half of the Orbs to rebuild Greshendale as a flying city. Tentineh now lies with the other heroes of the Dragon War, deep beneath the earth awaiting the return of the silver dragons which he personally imprisoned.

TeremanTereman was a member of the Gish Trio that defeated the githyanki and imprisoned Blendegad, his friend and the first vampire of Cimmeria. Tereman was an honorable warrior and a charming personality always quick to make friends. He was a pious knight who practiced every ritual to maintain the favor of the Olympians. Tereman’s devotion to the gods was matched by his devotion to the people of Cimmeria. After repelling the githyanki, Tereman started a school with Galandir. They taught their students how to combine martial arts with magic. Tereman continued teaching at the school until his death.

ToffounToffoun was a dwarven cleric of Ares who fought with twin swords against the goblins of the east. Along with Amalgami, Toffoun protected and organized the humans, dwarves, and halflings of Zeus’s Canvas during the goblin resurgence of the late 10th century BCE. He founded the city of Jipangu and passed on his particular code of honor to its citizens. Toffoun joined the other heroes of Cimmeria during the Dragon War. He bound the draconic benefactor of the mortals, Langudina, within the Bronze Orb before entering his slumber along with the other heroes.

Tracy Tracy was a halfling trickster and diplomat during the Age of Monsters. She singlehandedly prevented war between her kinsmen and the Conclave after the little people parted ways with the organization. After stopping the war, Tracy became a leader among the halfling people and helped found the towns that grew into Crafterton and Nomingburg. Tracy joined the other heroes of the land during the Dragon War and imprisoned the blue dragons at the war’s conclusion. Tracy joined her companions in their slumber, only to be reawakened when the dragons were freed. Tracy was  the first to wake up when the Blue Dragon Orb was broken , but she died before she could reimprison Bavastatner.

TrigonoraTrigonora was the Queen of Nox after the Dragon War. The dragon occupation had severely damaged the reputation of the monarchy. Trigonora found her power crumbling before a developing republic. She allied with Queen Jasaetuparth of Jeutontic to oust the Senatorials. Unfortunately, the junior Senator Xorius was able to organize the Senatorials to claim victory. Trigonora fled to Jeutontic where she served her cousin Jasaetuparth as her closest advisor.

Xorius Xorius was a young Senator of Nox during the Nox Civil War. He was born to a rich family and when his father passed away Xorius took his place in the Senate. He led the Senatorial side to victory over the Royals and expelled Queen Trigonora from the kingdom. Rather than transition to a full republic, the Senate voted to continue the constitutional monarchy with Xorius as King. He assumed the role and started a new dynasty in Nox.