Tereman was a member of the Gish Trio that defeated the githyanki and imprisoned Blendegad, his friend and the first vampire of Cimmeria. Tereman was an honorable warrior and a charming personality always quick to make friends. He was a pious knight who practiced every ritual to maintain the favor of the Olympians. Tereman’s devotion to the gods was matched by his devotion to the people of Cimmeria. After repelling the githyanki, Tereman started a school with Galandir. They taught their students how to combine martial arts with magic. Tereman continued teaching at the school until his death.

Tereman was born in Dalleer as the third son of a minor merchant. Unable to provide a career for yet another child, Tereman’s father sold him to the city guard when he turned ten. Tereman was raised by the other guards, a mix of dwarves and humans. He learned how to fight, but also how to defuse hostile situations between Dalleer’s citizens. When he wasn’t working Tereman visited the pantheon temple of Dalleer. His worship spread into his work with the city guard as he began to incorporate prayers into his fighting style. Slowly Tereman went from just an average guard to a holy warrior without any formal training in the methods of mixing divine magic and swordplay.

The conditions of Tereman’s sale required him to serve for ten years in the city guard without pay to earn his freedom. He spent most of his term policing the city streets and encouraging cooperation and mutual respect between the diverse citizens of Dalleer. In the last two years of his service Tereman was sent outside of Dalleer on monster-slaying missions. Tereman’s talents came into their own on these missions. His holy powers allowed him to simultaneously protect himself and cut through the enemy with ease. To the surprise of Tereman’s friends, he thoroughly enjoyed the work of killing the beasts that threatened Dalleer. He emerged from each combat covered in blood with a full-toothed smile on his face.

Tereman’s term of service finished just as Shalerton sent out a call for aid. The githyanki had kidnapped some of the town’s citizens to torture them for information about the Material Plane. Tereman answered the call for help along with many others, notably Galandir and Blendegad. Tereman formed a partnership with Galandir and Blendegad. Together they drove back one of the first scouting expeditions the githyanki sent into the Material Plane.

Blendegad, Galandir, and Tereman forged a lasting alliance to combat the githyanki threat. They came to be known as the Gish Trio. They investigated the githyanki to try and discover the outsiders’ plans. When the githyanki allied with the blue dragons they released Tracy from the Blue Dragon Orb. With the githyanki and blue dragons allied, the enemy of the githyanki was Tracy’s friend. The Gish Trio and Tracy teamed up to fight the githyanki and blue dragons. With more experience against these extra-dimensional foes Tereman expanded his repertoire of skills to became an expert in portal magic. With his quick teleportation skill Tereman helped Tracy and the Gish Trio to prepare Shalerton, Nomingburg, and Crafterton for the githyanki invasion. They successfully resisted and kept those cities free from githyanki influence during the occupation of Cimmeria.

As part of the Gish Trio, Tereman helped with Tracy’s plan to spoil the alliance between Bavastatner and the Lich-queen. In Shratalanda’s journals, they found the secret to breaking an oath on the River Styx . Tracy leaked the secret to the Blue Dragon Cultists. Bavastatner used this information to bind his soul to the Underworld river and free himself from his oaths. This sparked the Draco-Gith War between the githyanki and the blue dragons.

Tracy devised a plan to banish the Lich-queen back to the Astral Plane with the help of the Gish Trio. Due to his proficiency with portal magic, Tereman was the main architect of the Lich-queen’s banishment spell. Tracy provided a guiding hand with her memory of Shratalanda’s musings that were never recorded in her journal. While Tracy and Tereman perfected the banishment spell, Blendegad and Galandir used their acquired skills to improve the group’s arms and equipment. Blendegad focused on using the silver sword material captured from the githyanki to create a synergistic panoply of a suit of armor, a shield, and a sword.

The Gish Trio was ready and waiting for the perfect time to strike at the Lich-queen. She fought personally in the Second Dragon War, using her strength to win battles but also exposing herself to danger. Tracy’s network informed her of the Lich-queen’s weakness after a particularly draining battle. Tracy and the Gish Trio pounced upon the Lich-queen, taking advantage of her fatigued state. Tereman managed to banish the Githyanki Matriarch eternally to the Astral Plane, but the Lich-queen killed Tracy and consumed her soul during the fighting. The heroes succeeded in their mission, but lost one of their own.

After Tracy’s death the Gish Trio continued fighting the githyanki. The Lich-queen’s banishment weakened the githyanki forces, but they were not defeated. Tereman worked with his two companions to make Cimmeria a free and safe place once more. Unfortunately, Blendegad would put an end to the team’s cooperation.

Tereman learned that Blendegad had turned down a dark road. The paladin found evidence that Blendegad had bought slaves only to kill them immediately afterward. Further investigation revealed that the slaves were rising from the dead as a new form of undead, vampires. Blendegad himself was a vampire as well, siring spawn across Cimmeria to feed his hunger for blood. Blendegad had corrupted the synergistic panoply he’d forged for the fight against the Lich-queen. Now the combined magic would grant immortality, but at a terrible price.

Furious at the betrayal of their principles, Tereman planned to kill Blendegad but his hand was stayed by Galandir. The pair decided to imprison Blendegad instead. They led Blendegad to a prepared location and then ambushed him. The duo overpowered their companion and captured him. Galandir and Tereman magically bound Blendegad beneath an unmarked hill. With their friend secretly contained the public reputation of the Gish Trio remained untarnished.

Only one problem remained, the sword, armor, and shield that Blendegad had corrupted. The panoply was too powerful to destroy by any simple means. Exhausted, Galandir and Tereman resolved to hide and guard the pieces of the panoply. They built three elaborate vaults to hold each of the items. These dungeons were filled with elemental guardians and traps to protect the evil magic contained within. Now old, Tereman could not continue adventuring to defeat the blue dragons with Galandir as they had originally hoped. Instead, they trained the next generation of gish knights to protect Cimmeria. Tereman taught at the gish dojo for twenty years before succumbing to old age.