Blendegad’s Hill

Blendegad’s Hill is the site of the battle between Blendegad and his companions, Tereman and Galandir. The pair had discovered Blendegad’s vampiric transformation. Tereman wished to slay him but Galandir convinced him they could simply imprison their old friend. They lured Blendegad to a prepared ambush spot where they used magic to seal their former battle brother beneath the hill.

Tereman and Galandir stripped their captive friend of the panoply that had transformed him into a vampire. They were unable to destroy the powerfully enchanted items. Instead, they locked them away in dungeons guarded by powerful beings. Blendegad’s Shield was kept within the same hill as Blendegad himself.

Blendegad’s Hill was eventually plundered by Terroc’s adventuring group. They recovered Blendegad’s Shield, but also released its evil owner. This action set in motion the events that led to creation of the dragovinians and the Second Alliance War with Xoria. Blendegad’s Hill remains as an abandoned tomb with defunct traps and a powerful evil aura permeating the air.