Age of Monsters NPCs

AeëtesKing Aeëtes was the son of the sun Titan, Helios, and the Oceanid, Perseis. Aeëtes founded his city, Colchis, during the Golden Age of Man before the Titans fell. King Aeëtes lived a long time due to his godly blood and due to the magic spells of his daughter, Medea. When she abandoned him, Aeëtes turned to dark magic himself to extend his life. He became an undead monster, hunted by Hades. Throughout history Aeëtes seemed to be on the wrong side of every war. This eventually resulted in his death during the First Alliance War.

Amalgami the HeroAmalgami the Hero was known as the Lightning Knight. He joined the other heroes of the Dragon War in casting down their draconic oppressors.  He was a son of Zeus and his father gifted him with power over lightning and storms. Amalgami made friendships easily and if it weren’t for him the Heroes of the Dragon War may never have worked together to accomplish their great deeds. At the conclusion of the war he slumbered along with the other heroes to return when the world needed him again.

BigbyBigby was an elven sorcerer whose magical style revolutionized many magical fields and has been often duplicated since. He lived in the forest that now bears his name and defended it from attackers of all sorts. Bigby joined with the other heroes of his time to fight in the Dragon War. He imprisoned the green dragon matriarchs that plagued his forest in the Green Orb of Dragonkind. After sealing away his foe, Bigby slept along with the other heroes of the Dragon War, ready to wake when the world needed him again.

The Bronze Chords The Bronze Chords were an adventuring group that formed during the draconic domination of Cimmeria. Brelfagar the dwarven fighter, Shoree the human paladin, Sunrise the elven wizard, and Jeffery the human cleric of the Muses worked together to keep the people of Apollo’s Plains safe in service of their bronze dragon hegemons, Rilopenaril and Langudina. The heroes’ work cleared the way for the foundation of Sheerzen on Apollo’s Hill. After the city’s founding, the dragons’ will took a darker turn. Rilopenaril and Langudina mated with the Bronze Chords and the mortals’ previous children to produce half-dragon offspring. After the deaths of the Bronze Chords, their half-dragon children were forced to fight each other by Langudina to decide the next royal pair of Sheerzen. The adventurers’ legacy was forever scarred by rape, fratricide, and incest.

CeciliaCecilia the Salt Champion was the daughter of Zeus and the mortal Hymniara. The founder of the city that now bears her name and liberator of the Caspian, Cecilia slew the great sea beasts that prowled the sea. She accomplished many other great tasks on land as well as befriending the dolphins and the people of the sea. During the Dragon War, Cecilia imprisoned the black dragons. All her tasks were done in the name of her lord-father, Zeus, while wielding a shining sword that he gave to her. The sword was buried with her deep beneath the earth where Cecilia slumbers, awaiting the return of the black dragons.

CogardCogard was the second King of the Dwarves and the last King before the schism of the Dwarven Kingdom. He ruled the dwarves before and during the Dragon War, but died soon afterwards. During his life he did his best to be a king for all the dwarves of Cimmeria, but often struggled against the various forces set against him. He left a legacy that many dwarven kings after him tried to live up to.

Croshan Croshan was one of the elven kings created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. He led his people to victory during the Goblin War and into the Whitewood Forest when the Conclave dissolved. Rather than face the dragons, King Croshan took his elves into the Underdark to become Dark Elves. From the Underdark Croshan led raids on the surface world for centuries. His death passed with little fanfare on the surface, but sent ripples across the Underdark as Drow culture drastically restructured itself into a religious matriarchy.

Danar Danar was the grandson of Rilopenaril. He survived the battle gauntlet to become King of Sheerzen. Rilopenaril and Danar led their people to overthrow the dragons in the Dragon War. Danar entered stasis to protect the Red Dragon Orb after the war. He was awoken when Amalius destroyed the Orb. Danar joined the Second Alliance to defeat the dragovinians and seal away the other dragon hegemons that had escaped their captivity. When his work was done he set about starting a new kingdom in Eastern Cimmeria with Mo’nyoq as the first city.

Davonisi Davonisi was a powerful unseelie faerie who played a leading role in the Dragon War. She organized the fey and elves of the Dry Woods to fight for the green dragons. In the end she was defeated by the Heroes of the Dragon War. Davonisi went into seclusion until the dragovinians sought her out during the Second Alliance War. She returned as a second plague upon mortals but was slain by the Exiles before her evil had a chance to drastically impact the world.

DelainDelain was a son of Ares and the hero of Phoenix during the Age of Monsters. He slew Baelund’s Wolf that terrorized the city and became its leader afterwards. King Delain organized the guilds of Phoenix and brought order to the city.

The Dragon HegemonsThe dragon hegemons were ten pairs of powerful dragons, all the direct descendants of the divine monsters, Echidna and Titan. Each pair had a different relationship and a different color. After the death of Sadroston they conquered Cimmeria and ruled with tyrannical will for almost one hundred years. The mortals of Cimmeria rose up led by the Heroes of the Dragon War. The Heroes were victorious by binding the dragon hegemons with ten magical Orbs of Dragonkind. Most of them remained bound, but over time the Blue, Red, and White Orbs were broken. The freed dragons were quickly reimprisoned and are now locked up in a fortified prison at Mars’ Oasis.

EathiriluEathirilu was a powerful elven druid who fought on the side of the dragons during the Dragon War. He became the leader of the elven Naturalist faction that fought for the green dragons. Near the end of the Dragon War Eathirilu became remorseful and he fled into the Dark Reaches for centuries. He eventually returned to Cimmeria and won the Baradera to become Panda of Satronwook for a year. Near the end of this life he helped the Second Alliance to defeat the dragovinians and in doing so purified all vampires and dragovinians in Cimmeria. After removing this threat, Eathirilu retired to Demeter’s Swamp. He transformed into a mighty bald cypress tree and became one with the natural world.

GorwinuaGorwinua was the finest bard the lands of Cimmeria ever knew and one of the many heroes who fought against draconic tyranny during the Dragon War. During her life she was a shining exemplar of orkish virtues. She organized orc armies, practiced the traditional rituals, and chopped down foes with the best of the orkish warriors. She entered stasis to return when the White Orb of Dragonkind was broken. The Second Alliance members broke the White Orb to revive Gorwinua. Her majestic voice was used in a ritual to rejuvenate Zeus. After doing so and defeating the dragovinians, Gorwinua disappeared.

Jovy Jovy followed the guidance of Hermes to become the first captain to sail the Caspian Sea. Hermes gifted Jovy with the first double masted frigate capable of tacking against the wind. Jovy along with his friend and companion, Cecilia, rid the Caspian of monsters making it safe for other voyagers. Jovy declared himself King of the Caspian, exacting tribute from coastal settlements and pillaging those that did not comply with his demands. He named and colonized Those Blasted Islands in the sea and fought to protect the colonies during the Dragon War. He imprisoned the gold dragons. When Jovy retired he beached the Mira Miro at the mouth of the Aractrash River to found the city of Lordodo. Jovy joined the other heroes of the Dragon War in their slumber beneath the earth, awaiting the destruction of the Orbs of Dragonkind and the return of the dragons.

KarnafaustKarnafaust was the first dwarf and the first Dwarven King. King Karnafaust always put his people first, but his hot temper often led him to make decisions to their detriment. He led the dwarves in quitting the Conclave to found the city of Fangaroot and he was the first mortal to be brought back to life under the Resurrection Pact of Hades. Karnafaust died a second time during Kenderax the dragon’s attack on Fangaroot. The dragon devoured his bones, so he was never buried, but a shrine in his memory was built in Dalleer.

KenderaxKenderax was one of the first children of Invernix and Sartoria. Kenderax used his kobold minions to take over the dwarven city of Fangaroot. In the process he slew King Karnafaust of the Dwarves. Kenderax ruled Fangaroot for over a century until he was slain by Shaelin the dwarf lord.

The First Orc ChiefAfter the orcs left the Conclave they split into many different tribal communities. These separated tribes were threatened by goblinoid bugbears. The First Orc Chief stepped in to unite the Orcs once more and defeat the bugbears. Frustrated that Zeus would bring the bugbear plague upon his people, the First Chief climbed Olympus and cut off the tusk of Zeus. The father god struck the First Chief down. The Maglibarjil took the tusk of Zeus and the First Chief’s skin to make a weapon and raiment for future kings of the Orcs.

ShaelinShaelin was one of the first dwarves created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. He served under King Karnafaust to found Fangaroot after the dwarves left the Conclave. Shaelin swore revenge when Kenderax attacked and the dwarves were forced to flee their city. The dwarven lord gritted his teeth through the draconic occupation and followed King Cogard’s orders to not take action against the dragons. After raising Prince Yentbern, Shaelin asked to be released from his oath to Cogard. This request was granted. Shaelin gathered hundreds of dwarves and attacked Fangaroot. The city was not reclaimed from the kobold occupiers, but Shaelin and Kenderax killed each other in battle. This battle was one of the events that started the Dragon War.

Shortrastor Queen Shortrastor of the Dominarie Mountains rose from common birth to royal matriarch of a significant dwarvish kingdom. To defend her independence she often made decisions that were deliberately contrary to the course of Cimmeria’s history. She refused a marriage offer from King Cogard that would have unified the dwarven people under a single crowned couple. During the Dragon War she fought for Bavastatner instead of for the mortals. Her refusal to seek aid from the public will of Cimmeria proved a regretful choice in the end. Her betrayal of Bavastatner led to Dominarie’s subjugation. Ultimately the absence of strong allies in Cimmeria allowed Kruk-Ma-Kali’s army to completely destroy the Dominarie kingdom and exterminate Queen Shortrastor’s royal line. Little remains of her legacy as the bulk of the Dominarie wealth was plundered by the hobgoblins during their genocidal invasion. Queen Shortrastor’s life is now nothing but a tragic warning for those who refuse to compromise.

ShratalandaShratalanda was a masterful elvish psion and the hidden guide of the Dragon War’s Heroes. She foresaw the injustices the dragons’ law would create and set in motion events leading to the Dragon War. Many of the Heroes of the Dragon War were unknowingly touched by Shratalanda at some point in their lives. For her own part in the Dragon War, Shratalanda favored magically transforming her body into a weapon in its own right and going toe to toe with her opponent. Shratalanda created a monastic school for other psions in the Shacklack Desert before joining the other heroes of the Dragon War in slumber.

TentinehTentineh was one of the most powerful wizards who ever lived. Master of the elements he came up with many new spells never seen before. He became the defender of Greshendale during the Age of Monsters. Frustrated with draconic tyranny, Tentineh led the heroes of the land during the Dragon War. He invented the Orbs of Dragonkind to imprison the dragons. Greshendale was destroyed during the war, but upon the heroes’ victory, Tentineh used half of the Orbs to rebuild Greshendale as a flying city. Tentineh now lies with the other heroes of the Dragon War, deep beneath the earth awaiting the return of the silver dragons which he personally imprisoned.

ToffounToffoun was a dwarven cleric of Ares who fought with twin swords against the goblins of the east. Along with Amalgami, Toffoun protected and organized the humans, dwarves, and halflings of Zeus’s Canvas during the goblin resurgence of the late 10th century BCE. He founded the city of Jipangu and passed on his particular code of honor to its citizens. Toffoun joined the other heroes of Cimmeria during the Dragon War. He bound the draconic benefactor of the mortals, Langudina, within the Bronze Orb before entering his slumber along with the other heroes.

Tracy Tracy was a halfling trickster and diplomat during the Age of Monsters. She singlehandedly prevented war between her kinsmen and the Conclave after the little people parted ways with the organization. After stopping the war, Tracy became a leader among the halfling people and helped found the towns that grew into Crafterton and Nomingburg. Tracy joined the other heroes of the land during the Dragon War and imprisoned the blue dragons at the war’s conclusion. Tracy joined her companions in their slumber, only to be reawakened when the dragons were freed. Tracy was  the first to wake up when the Blue Dragon Orb was broken , but she died before she could reimprison Bavastatner.

VecnaVecna is a powerful lich and shop owner in Crux. Her shop deals in potions, a few magic items, and powerful necromantic spells capable of destroying entire cities. She was not always the terrifying undead witch she is today. Many centuries ago she was a common human woman working on a farm. Her life was changed when Thanatos, god of death, fell in love with her.