Toffoun was a dwarven cleric of Ares who fought with twin swords against the goblins of the east. Along with Amalgami, Toffoun protected and organized the humans, dwarves, and halflings of Zeus’s Canvas during the goblin resurgence of the late 10th century BCE. He founded the city of Jipangu and passed on his particular code of honor to its citizens. Toffoun joined the other heroes of Cimmeria during the Dragon War. He bound the draconic tyrant, Langudina, within the Bronze Orb before entering his slumber along with the other heroes.

Toffoun was born the fourth son to the respected dwarven Firebeard line. As the fourth son Toffoun had little hope of inheriting his family’s lands. While growing up Toffoun was a spirited child, prone to outbursts of uncontrollable rage as well as boundless enthusiasm for tasks both ordinary and arduous. His tutor taught Toffoun many things, but in particular the young dwarf learned self-control. As he aged he learned to control himself and to accept the life he had been given. Full of filial piety, Toffoun forfeited his claim to the Firebeard estate and became a frocked priest of the Olympic Pantheon. Despite his tutoring, this voluntary disenfranchisement still made Toffoun tremble internally with anger and resentment. He was no lesser dwarf than his brother, only younger! It was not fair, but life was not fair. Toffoun gritted his teeth and said his vows to the gods.

Initially Toffoun sacrificed to all the Olympians as needed and in proportion to their power, but his behavior changed as his time within the temple lengthened. More and more Toffoun volunteered to perform the rituals and sacrifices to Ares the Battle Rager. He practiced with twin swords every day for two weapons were better than one to worship Ares with. He focused his anger into the blades and cut through half a dozen quintains a day. Toffoun’s raw fury was unmatched and one might think his skills were lacking, but this was not so. He challenged seasoned warriors that stayed at the temple. He never drew his swords till after the duel began, bringing them out to strike with such speed that his opponents swore they were hit by lightning not dull practice swords.

Toffoun developed a lasting friendship with one of the heroes that visited him, Amalgami, the Lightning Knight and a son of Zeus. In their first duel they both struck each other at the same time for they were both as swift as Allfather’s thunderbolts. They dueled again and again each time ending in a draw. Amalgami stayed at the temple for a time. He spoke with the high priest and convinced him to allow Toffoun to leave the temple on an adventure in Ares’s name. Toffoun and Amalgami left the next day, traveling northeast towards the Aral Sea.

Along the sea the pair slew many ogres, trolls, bandits, and a foul necromancer. Righteous violence became their passion and all seemed right with the world. Toffoun and Amalgami followed the western side of the Aral Sea and then back south along the eastern side. As they came down the eastern seashore they saw a great dust cloud to the southeast. Amalgami went to investigate and returned to Toffoun with grave news. The goblins were organizing once more and at their head was a half-dragon, half-goblin named Blackheart. The law against armies would never apply to one of the dragons’ own. This army would not be broken by dragon fire. It would be free to sweep over Zeus’s Canvas and ravage every village east of the Black River.

Toffoun and Amalgami turned west and warned every settlement they could. They told the villagers to take weapons and armor to the Dirt Plateau at the center of Zeus’s Canvas. There the people met up and prepared for the goblins’ coming. Each man and woman of fighting age was given a weapon and whatever armor could be scrapped together. Halfling slingers, dwarven heavy infantry, and human longbowmen awaited the goblins when they approached the Plateau. The goblins were repulsed and Blackheart slain by Toffoun and Amalgami.

The death of a dragon’s relative was not without consequence. Toffoun and Amalgami knew that retribution would come soon. The pair had heard rumors of Tentineh organizing an alliance against the dragons. Amalgami went off to Greshendale to get help from the mage. Toffoun stayed behind and awaited the dragons.

Agohimano and Hontalawi, the sibling duarchy of the gold dragons, came to the Dirt Plateau. Toffoun stepped out of the fortifications to hear what they had to say. They spoke together, “You have killed one of our children and made an army upon your plateau. The punishment is death, but we enjoy this game of little soldiers. The method of your execution will match your crime. More armies will come and stronger ones. Prepare, for we do not wish to be bored.” With that the dragons flew off.

Toffoun rushed to train and fully outfit his people in their makeshift city atop the Plateau. With the threat of attack imminent, Toffoun impressed a rigorous work ethic into his citizens. Every hour and every minute required purpose in the name of the defense of the blossoming city. If Toffoun or his officers noticed anyone ignoring their duties they would challenge that person to a duel with wooden swords. Whoever shirked their duties was sure to end up bruised and humiliated by the end of the match. Laziness sharply decreased in the city and many others copied the practice of using duels to encourage fastiduousness and as a means of solving quarrels amongst the populace.

When the goblins came again they rode upon drakes. Toffoun and his troops repulsed them. The structures on the Plateau gradually became more permanent and Toffoun began to instruct his people on proper etiquette for one’s place in the home and how to conduct one’s self. Slowly the buildings and culture of Jipangu began to take shape.

Amalgami returned with Tentineh and the Dragon War began. Toffoun joined the other heroes in fighting the dragons. When their victory was secured, Toffoun joined the Dwarven Royal Court with his friends, Amalgami and Jovy. A few years later, the trio turned back the hobgoblin invasion of Kruk-Sho-Kar.

Toffoun was a faithful advisor and friend of King Cogard. After the king’s death, Toffoun couldn’t bring himself to choose sides in the Dwarven Civil War. He tried to broker a peace, but failed. Frustrated with politics, Toffoun returned to assisting Tentineh with the defenses of the Orbs of Dragonkind. As soon as the defenses were completed, Toffoun ensured that all was in place at Jipangu. He then entered his watchful slumber alongside the other Heroes of the Dragon War. Toffoun sealed away the bronze dragon, Langudina, sister of Rilopenaril who had given the heroes the secret of constructing the Orbs of Dragonkind. Toffoun will only be awoken when the Bronze Orb is broken.