Locations of Cimmeria

Amapsau Marsh Amapsau Marsh is a large estuary fed by the water coming off the northern side of the Himalayas. There is a hidden orchard within Amapsau Marsh that grows silver apples. The location of the orchard is a closely guarded secret of the goblin city, Nilcotus. In addition to having an obscure location the orchard is rumored to be guarded by a powerful monster.

Aral Sea – The Aral Sea is an inland salt sea on the eastern edge of Cimmeria. It marks the wild frontier between the human occupied lands to the west and the Orc Lands to the east. The Aral Sea is traditionally fished by minor orc tribes. The Aral Sea is dotted by many small islands along the coast and a few larger ones further towards the center.

Bigby’s ForestBigby’s Forest was known as the Dry Woods when the Olympians first came to Cimmeria. The forest’s name changed to match that of one of its most famous inhabitants, Bigby the Dragon War Hero. Bigby cast a spell that caused the stumps of cut down trees to regenerate within a few weeks. Consequently, Bigby’s Forest is excellent for logging as the trees replace themselves within two months. Additionally, the forest’s borders have been constantly expanding as the trees never die, but new ones are created each year. The forest served as the Rebel base during the Second Alliance War.

Black Mirror Lake – Black Mirror Lake has a large coal deposit at the lake’s source. This deposit serves as a natural filter making the lake’s water especially pure, but also coloring it slightly black. Combined with the calm surface of the lake this black color earned the lake its name. The coal of Black Mirror Lake prevents large fish from growing but provides valuable fertilizer for the farms along the lake’s coast.

Blendegad’s Hill Blendegad’s Hill was the site of Blendegad’s burial and imprisonment after his companions, Galandir and Tereman, defeated him. He was accidentally freed by Terroc when he raided the tomb to recover the shield of Blendegad’s panoply.

Caspian SeaThe Caspian Sea is the central feature of Cimmeria. Most of the water from the Terror and Dominarie Mountains drains into the Caspian, providing a transit link throughout Northern and Eastern Cimmeria. The Sea is also dotted by an island chain known as Those Blasted Islands. The isles were settled separately by the five races of the Conclave. They have largely remained segregated since their colonization.

Danar’s Marsh Danar’s Marsh is named after the man who first civilized it, Danar Beastslayer of Sheerzen. The marsh is home to many exotic plants and animals found only within its borders. The region was most recently colonized during Queen Regent Anajakaze’s reign. She founded Jevanicia in honor of her son, Jevaninada II. The settlement was destroyed by one of the many monsters of the marsh, the geriviar, Bill.

Demeter’s Garden Demeter’s Garden is a salt marsh formed at the confluence of the Great Divide, the Delain River, and the Caspian Sea. The location is blessed by Demeter with extraordinarily diverse plants and animals. Many fierce beasts and plant monsters dwell in Demeter’s Garden, feasting on each other and any foolish travelers that stumble into the swamp. Demeter’s Garden is also the resting place of the Copper Orb of Dragonkind and the elven druid, Eathirilu.

Descartes’s Circle A circle of stones at a leyline point. The stones channeled power for the vampire illusionist, Descartes, but their configuration was destroyed by Terroc. Descartes fled, but the circle remains for any who wish to rebuild it.

Dominarie Mountains The Dominarie Mountain Range lies between the Aractrashan Jungle and the Shacklack Desert. They were once a bastion of dwarven civilization under Queen Shortrastor. That past was ruined by the genocidal invasion of Kruk-Ma-Kali. Now the rocky crags stand empty, filled with nothing but ghosts, monsters, and hidden treasures occasionally sought by desperate adventurers.

Flower of the Deep The Flower of the Deep is a mithral mine originally discovered by the Dwarves of Jord. They used the metal to produce armor and to reinforce the spectacular structures in the tunnels of Jord. Unfortunately, the mine was attacked by Drow about fifty years ago. King Dainlin was forced to accede the mine for a few decades as his attention was brought to the wars in Xoria. While the dwarves were kept busy the Drow set up their own operation to harvest the mithral. The purified metal is taken deep into the Underdark to serve the purposes of Queen Medrika of the Dark Elves.

Galandir’s Tomb Galandir was secretly buried along with the sword of Blendegad’s panoply at this site outside of Crux. The tomb was raided by Terroc when he sought to reform the panoply for a client.

Geyser of Talos – A geyser of magical water in the southern reaches of the central Terror Mountains. The geyser was once guarded by Talos. The gigantic bronze man was slain by the member of the Second Alliance. The Allies now use the water to enact the soldier-empowering rituals contained within the Tome of Agamemnon.

Greshen Valley Greshen Valley is a flat expanse that interrupts the high peaks of the Terror Mountains. It was occupied by human settlers during the Time of the Conclave. After the Dragon War, Tentineh took five mountains from the valley’s edge, ripped them from the earth’s surface, and set them in the air to fly upside down. This created the floating city of Greshen Dale but also absorbed the life energy of Greshen Valley. The land died holes in the fabric of the world were ripped asunder to form spheres of annihilation. With the recent crashing of Greshen Dale it is now possible that life will return to the valley, but the ominous spheres continue to float across the landscape and consume all in their path.

Harbinston AreaThe area around Harbinston was where Sherlock found his tower. Sherlock used the tower to gain great magical power, but the activation killed two of his companions, Sherry and Egon. His final companion, Burne, swore revenge. Burne returned to Harbinston to protect the town, but he eventually found that Robin Hood style brigandry was the best way to support his community. The bandit problem eventually led to Burne’s death as a new group of adventurers came to the region led by Terroc.

Hugs’s Dig Spot A dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and treasure that was discovered by Hugs Greenly. He hired hundreds of people to help him conquer the challenge and claim the treasure within. Unfortunately, a beast on the third level of the dungeon was powerful enough to kill the whole company. The dungeon remains, ready to be explored by a more worthy adventurer.

King’s CopseKing’s Copse is a small birch and maple forest east of Nox. The forest belongs to the King of Xoria, thus hunting and wood gathering within the forest are forbidden without the permission of the king. A community of dryads lives within the woods and enforces the king’s rule by killing trespassers. These same dryads raised Queen Anajakaze when Zeus hid her form Hera during her childhood.

Lake Astacol Lake Astacol was the home of the Goblin god, Crayfish. When the Olympians invaded Poseidon fought and defeated Crayfish. Today, Lake Astacol remains home to many crayfish. These animals provide a valuable source of protein for the goblins of the lake side town, Tomak’nax. Lake Astacol is calm, but difficult to sail on due to the bumpy low bed beneath the water. This landscape creates an ecosystem that supports the abundant crayfish, but also causes many boats to run aground.

Monkey Forest The Monkey Forest was a place of secret worship for the animalistic Goblin Pantheon. Dozens of primate species were raised in the woods and remain there today. The goblins’ stone temple remains standing as well.

Neeshvale Neeshvale is a small village. Unlike most villages in Cimmeria it is not affiliated with a city-state. It serves as a supply post for trade between Bigby’s Forest and Sheerzen. Neeshvale was recently threatened by an orc necromancer who left of his own will after Gregor passed through the village.

New Greshen Dale New Greshen Dale was a counter settlement to the flying city, made up of people from the original ground-based town that did not want to take up residence in the sky. The city survived for a few years, but eventually buckled under pressure from the same troll attacks that had threatened the city when Tentineh ruled. New Greshen Dale was abandoned and the citizens dispersed across Cimmeria.

RivertonRiverton is a small village halfway between Makotako and Bigby’s Forest. The village was caught in the middle of the war between the Rebellion and the Xorian Empire, often suffering taxes and collections from both sides of the conflict.

Royal Forest The Royal Forest is a thin evergreen forest northwest of Nox. It is open to the citizens of Nox for collecting wood and for hunting the animals within it.

Shacklack DesertShacklack Desert is a large arid sandscape north and east of the Dominarie Mountains. The dry area supports minimal natural vegetation. There are a few farms on the mountains’ edge and by oases that freckle the land. Various monsters live within the desert, with the blue dragon descendants of Bavastatner dominating the ecology. The desert has been settled by Romans at Mars’ Oasis and the magical Dythalid Pool. King Mero II of Mars’ Oasis seeks to expand his kingdom by establishing colonies at each of the oases in the desert, but the hostile wildlife has prevented him from doing so thus far.

Staketon Staketon is a small village north of Bigby’s Forest loosely affiliated with Gazeara. The village serves as a supply post between Bigby’s Forest and Sheerzen.

Terror Mountains The Terror Mountains enclose the northern reaches of Cimmeria. They are inhabited by dragons, giants, and dwarves. High King Torngar of the Dwarves rules from Highhold at the base of Horror Peak. King Deekgaon of the Deep Dwarves rules his subservient kingdom deeper beneath the surface of the earth.