Locations of Cimmeria

Danar’s Marsh Danar’s Marsh is named after the man who first civilized it, Danar Beastslayer of Sheerzen. The marsh is home to many exotic plants and animals found only within its borders. The region was most recently colonized during Queen Regent Anajakaze’s reign. She founded Jevanicia in honor of her son, Jevaninada II. The settlement was destroyed by one of the many monsters of the marsh, the geriviar, Bill.

Descartes’s Circle A circle of stones at a leyline point. The stones channeled power for the vampire illusionist, Descartes, but their configuration was destroyed by Terroc. Descartes fled, but the circle remains for any who wish to rebuild it.

Geyser of Talos – A geyser of magical water in the southern reaches of the central Terror Mountains. The geyser was once guarded by Talos. The gigantic bronze man was slain by the member of the Second Alliance. The Allies now use the water to enact the soldier-empowering rituals contained within the Tome of Agamemnon.

Hugs’s Dig Spot A dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and treasure that was discovered by Hugs Greenly. He hired hundreds of people to help him conquer the challenge and claim the treasure within. Unfortunately, a beast on the third level of the dungeon was powerful enough to kill the whole company. The dungeon remains, ready to be explored by a more worthy adventurer.

New Greshen Dale New Greshen Dale was a counter settlement to the flying city, made up of people from the original ground-based town that did not want to take up residence in the sky. The city survived for a few years, but eventually buckled under pressure from the same troll attacks that had threatened the city when Tentineh ruled. New Greshen Dale was abandoned and the citizens dispersed across Cimmeria.