Greshen Valley

Greshen Valley is a flat expanse that interrupts the high peaks of the Terror Mountains. The valley was settled by humans during the Time of the Conclave. The settlers spread out into villages and homesteads with a central gathering place at the town of Greshen Dale. The valley was inhabited by monsters as well. Trolls, giants, and dragons threatened the villagers. The humans defended themselves with wizards and other magical practices. The greatest of these wizards was Tentineh.

Tentineh helped the people of Greshen Valley to prosper and in the process irrevocably changed the valley’s landscape. He fought back against the dragons’ tyranny during the Age of Monsters. He freed the people from draconic rule by creating the Orbs of Dragonkind. After the Dragon War Tentineh bent his mind to building a new super structure to house the people of Greshen Valley. He took five mountains from the valley’s edge, ripped them from the earth’s surface, and set them in the air to fly upside down. Houses, shops, and gardens were built upon the upside-down base of the mountains while magical artifacts and elementals powered the city to keep it aloft and to energize the various life-giving technomauturgic components of the new city. All the people of Greshen Valley were invited to live within the new Greshen Dale city.

The creation of the floating city was not without consequences. Tentineh took magic from the land of the valley to build the city. As he absorbed this life energy, the land died beneath Greshen Dale. Holes in the fabric of the world were ripped asunder. These holes are still present in the valley as spheres of annihilation, consuming all that is placed within them. With the recent crashing of Greshen Dale it is now possible that life will return to the valley, but the ominous spheres continue floating across the landscape and consuming all in their path.