Condensed Cimmerian Timeline

This version of the timeline will give you a broad overview of Cimmerian history instead of a detailed account of seven centuries of events.

1150BCEThe Olympians moved from Greece to Cimmeria and created new humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and orcs imbued with magical powers. The Olympians started a war with the current inhabitants of Cimmeria, the goblins and their Goblin Pantheon.
1140BCEThe mortal hero, Sadroston, vanquished the goblin god, Phoenix.
1102BCEKing Karnafaust of the dwarves split his people off from the Conclave.
1099BCEThe elves split from the Conclave.
1091BCEHades set forth the Resurrection Pact to allow mortals to return to life for a price.
1084BCEThe goblins were confined to Eastern Cimmeria. The decades of war for territory were effectively over.
1072BCEOrcs split from the Conclave to occupy goblin lands.
1049BCEThe Olympians created many new monsters to spark heroic activity in their mortal supplicants.
1046BCEA dragon attacked the dwarven city of Fangaroot, killed King Karnafaust, and initiated the dwarven spread across Cimmeria.
1035BCEThe Antenator came to the mortal plane along with necromantic magic.
983BCEKing Cogard reunited most of the split dwarven people into a single nation.
982BCEThe halflings split from the Conclave.
975BCEThe dragons of Cimmeria conquered the region after Sadroston’s death.
900BCEThe Heroes of the Dragon War united to end the oppressive rule of the dragons.
884BCEThe Heroes of the Dragon War succeeded in binding the dragon primarchs within and to the Orbs of Dragonkind. The Dragon War was over.
878BCEKing Cogard of the dwarves died. His quadruplet sons fought a civil war for the right to be Cogard’s successor.
864BCEThe Dwarven Civil War ended without a victor. Each of the brothers now ruled an independent realm.
859BCEThe Xorian dynasty began.
829BCEThe githyanki broke the Blue Dragon Orb to secure an alliance with Bavastatner. Tracy was released to reforge the Orb.
827BCEThe githyanki invaded Cimmeria. All powerful individuals were captured and taken for their souls to be devoured by the Lich-queen. Tracy and the Gish Trio led a resistance movement.
822BCEBavastatner broke his oath to the Lich-queen and the Draco-Gith War began.
819BCETracy and the Gish Trio banished the Lich-queen, but Tracy died in the process.
818BCEBlendegad became the first vampire.
811BCEThe Draco-Gith War concluded with a blue dragon victory.
720BCEThe Xorian Kingdom came into control of its four main cities, Nox, Petar, Jeutontic, and Cecilia.
701-695BCEKruk-Ma-Kali became Emperor of the Hobgoblins and led them on a campaign across Eastern Cimmeria. At the conclusion of the campaign, Kruk-Ma-Kali completely eradicated the Dominarie Dwarves.
693BCEKruk-Ma-Kali died to an assassin’s dagger and his Empire collapsed without him.
616BCEBalin reclaimed Fangaroot from the kobolds. The city was renamed Balin’s Holt.
468BCEWillard united the cities of Aractrash and became King of Aractrash.
458BCEKing Jevaninada began his conquest of Cimmeria.
442BCETerroc formed his first adventuring party.
439BCEAmalgami formed the First Alliance to combat the rising Xorian Empire. King Jevaninada died in the fighting, but then Amalgami betrayed his allies. Queen Anajakaze gave birth to Jevaninada II and declared herself regent. She continued her husband’s wars of conquest.
420BCEJevaninada II attempted to take the crown from his mother by force. Their fight was interrupted by Blendegad the Reaper. Blendegad bit Jevaninada II and turned him into the first dragovininan. Fearful of this new profane king of Xoria, Amalganus of Jipangu began forming a Second Alliance to resist Xorian expansion.
The Dahak attacked Zeus and poisoned him. The Olympians patriarchal social order began to collapse without their leader.
418BCEThe new religion of Dragoviniysm spread across the Xorian Empire.
399BCEKing Jevaninada II invaded Eastern Cimmeria and the Second Alliance War began.
396BCEAmalius joined the Second Alliance setting off a chain of events that would end the Second Alliance War.
395BCEThe Present Year.