Characters of Cimmeria

There are a lot of characters, PC and NPC, past and present, in Cimmeria. With so many it became necessary to separate them into several different groups.

1. PCs. Self explanatory, Player Characters that my friends created for playing in Cimmeria.

2. Primary NPCs. Characters who regularly have a big impact on the PCs and the world at large.

3. Secondary NPCs. Characters who are important, but don’t often interact with the PCs or take story-relevant actions.

4. Tertiary NPCs. Characters who have shown up once or twice in campaign sessions or possibly not at all. Tertiary NPCs aren’t quite nameless background characters, but they are pretty close.

5. Villains. The big nasties of Cimmeria. These folks would normally be placed in the Primary NPCs section, but since their interaction with the PCs is often violent they are placed in a separate section.

6. Historical NPCs. Important NPCs from Cimmeria’s past. Historical NPCs could be heroes the PCs wish to emulate, old friends long gone, or ancient rulers who died centuries ago.

7. Gods. The Hellenic setting of Cimmeria means the gods often take part in important events. There are over a hundred deities in Greek mythology. I’ve tried to narrow it down here to just the important ones.

I’ve only just begun this section of the blog and will continue work on it as I can.