Geyser of Talos

Geyser of Talos

The Geyser of Talos is a magical location in the far north of Cimmeria. The Geyser lies about a day’s journey west of the origin point of the Great Divide River which separates Cimmeria’s western and eastern halves.

When the Olympians moved to Cimmeria, Hephaestus was looking for a location to set up his new forge. Before finding his permanent home in Horror Peak he made a temporary workstation for himself at the base of the Terror Mountains. Needing water to quench his red-hot iron, Hephaestus struck his hammer upon the ground and a geyser shot up. Since the smith god vacated the area, the Geyser has dwindled, only erupting every few months. The water still retains the magical qualities imbued into it by its progenitor, making it useful for all manner of things.

Hephaestus did not want to leave this valuable resource without protection. He reforged Talos, the bronze giant who once protected Crete. The monster was slain by Medea’s trickery when Jason traveled to Crete. Made anew with the life-giving nail in his ankle once more, Talos watched over the Geyser for centuries. Occasionally Hephaestus sent groups of people to reclaim a portion of the water for some use. These groups of heroes snuck past or tricked the bronze giant to gain the smith god’s water without killing its guardian.

The blood of Talos was kept in his body by a single nail in his ankle. He died if the nail was removed.

Recently, the Second Alliance needed a constant source of magic water to use for the rituals contained within the Tome of Agamemnon. The constant need for the mystic waters required the Alliance to secure the Geyser of Talos in perpetuity. This meant killing Talos and altering the Geyser to increase its flow. Astyanax, Kig, Junai, and Gradorian traveled to the Geyser with support from Alliance spellcasters and slew Talos. The Geyser has been altered to erupt once a day and to spray its water through a magical portal that leads to Jipangu where Junai and Gradorian train the Alliance forces.

The Geyser is located within a small circular box canyon. A thin path leads to the top of the canyon through the cliffs. Within the canyon itself a fifty-foot pillar rises out of the ground. The Geyser erupts from the top of the pillar. A rope bridge with wooden slats leads from the entrance to the box canyon to the pillar in the center. In his life, Talos guarded and maintained the bridge to the central pillar. His body now lies at the bottom of the canyon, slowly oxidizing to verdigris.

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