Junai is a brusque elvish adventurer who fights monsters with dual-wielded swords. She adventured with Terroc and his group for a few months before the First Alliance War. After leaving the group Junai joined the Mercenaries Guild of Phoenix for more stable work. She rose through the ranks of the guild to become a master and the second-in-command to Gradorian the Guildmaster. Junai fought and commanded troops in many battles during the Second Alliance War. After the war she settled down in Mo’nyoq to protect the colony.

Junai had a professional relationship with Gradorian that turned personal during the Second Alliance War. Their friendship turned to romance. After the war Junai and Gradorian went on an adventuring trip across Cimmeria for a few months before laying down roots in Mo’nyoq. A few years later they started a family when Junai became pregnant and gave birth to a half-elf/half-hobgoblin child.