Flower of the Deep

The Flower of the Deep is a mithral mine originally discovered by the Dwarves of Jord. They used the metal to produce armor and to reinforce the spectacular structures in the tunnels of Jord. Unfortunately the mine was attacked by Drow about fifty years ago. The Hill Dwarves attempted to reclaim their territory, but their initial attacks were repulsed. King Dainlin was forced to accede the mine for a few decades as his attention was brought to the wars in Xoria. When the war against the wights ends, Dainlin hopes to retake the Flower of the Deep with the full might of the reunited Dwarven Kingdom.

While the dwarves were kept busy the Drow set up their own operation to harvest the mithral. The purified metal was taken deep into the Underdark to serve the purposes of Queen Medrika of the Dark Elves.