Demeter’s Garden

Demeter’s Garden is a salt marsh formed at the confluence of the Great Divide, the Delain River, and the Caspian Sea. The location is blessed by Demeter with extraordinarily diverse plants and animals. This vigorous ecology extends to the monster wildlife as well. Many fierce beasts and plant monsters dwell in Demeter’s Garden, feasting on each other and any foolish travelers that stumble into the swamp.

The dungeon protecting the Copper Orb of Dragonkind is hidden with Demeter’s Garden. Amalgami the Hero designed an aquatic dungeon in the muck and slime beneath the surface of the vast marsh. He worked with the other Heroes of the Dragon War to incorporate elements from each of the other dungeons in the defense of his dungeon. Additionally, he protected the final chamber with a set of doors that could only be opened by a few riddles of Amalgami’s own creation.

Eathirilu made a place of refuge for himself in Demeter’s Garden during the Second Alliance War. He enchanted the plants and beasts to obey his commands and to defend a section of the swamp that would belong to him. He laid further protective wards in the swamp to prevent any who would exploit nature from reaching the center of Eathirilu’s banyan tree grove. Soon after the war’s end, Eathirilu’s time came. He transformed himself into an enormous banyan tree at the center of Demeter’s Garden. His elven mind slowed and he went to sleep, never to wake.