Eathirilu Head

The Patriots and the Naturalists of the Dry Woods bickered and skirmished with each other for fifty years. The young druid Eathirilu grew up in this environment. He aligned more with the Naturalists in his personal desires, but was frustrated with the discordant political situation of his home. Fed up with his kinsmen, Eathirilu left on a journey of self discovery upriver.

Eathirilu encountered Danar‘s attempt to civilize the swamp. Eathirilu opposed Danar’s efforts. Invernix the Red Dragon Patriarch took notice and inserted himself into their conflict on Eathirilu’s side. Not for the first time, Eathirilu felt that Invernix went too far. He allied with Danar against Invernix, but both were defeated. The young elf’s goal of reducing civilization in the marsh was successful, but at great cost in mortal lives.

Eathirilu returned to the Dry Woods as the hero, Cecilia, arrived for training. Eathirilu took no part in the woman’s training, but he spoke with her frequently. He found her hopes for a world free from the dragons unrealistic and dangerous to the natural order. The doubts that Invernix’s harsh behavior had kindled were extinguished by Cecilia’s heroic optimism which Eathirilu saw as naive. Eathirilu rejoined the Naturalists and within a few years was a major leader of the faction.

Eathirilu fought with the dragons in the Dragon War. He switched sides in the final years of the war, just as he had in his conflict with Danar. Ashamed of his actions after the war, Eathirilu left the Dry Woods. He went to the Dark Reaches and studied the saurian monsters of that region.

Eathirilu spent four centuries studying the dinosaurs of the Dark Reaches before he returned to Cimmeria. He toured the cities of the region, all drastically changed over the years. Eventually he settled in Satronwook. Eathirilu participated in the Baradera and won. He ruled as Panda for a year and proclaimed that all citizens of Satronwook must grow some of their own food. After his term ended, Eathirilu joined the natural pandas of the city and relaxed into retirement.

In the twilight years of his life Eathirilu was contacted by Exiles of the Second Alliance War. The god, Pan, had brought them together to defeat the dragovinians. Eathirilu joined the Exiles and worked with them until the war’s conclusion. With the Touch of Nature provided by Pan, Eathirilu was able to purify all vampires and dragovinians descended from Blendegad, returning them to their mortal states.

After removing the dragovinian threat, Eathirilu retired to Demeter’s Swamp. He built a home for himself there, but sensed that his time had come. Gorwinua stayed with Eathirilu for his final months before he felt the end was near. Eathirilu transformed himself into a mighty bald cypress tree, towering over the swamp. He breathed his last and became one with the natural world he had spent his life defending, for good or ill. Gorwinua touched the tree’s bark once more before leaving on a journey to the Orc Lands.