Pan is the son of Hermes and Dryope, a dryad. He has a body just like a satyr. He invented the syrinx while chasing a nymph named Syrinx who disappeared into the reeds. He loved the reeds as well, so he made an instrument out of them named for the person he was chasing. Pan is the god of shepherds, music, singing, fear at being alone, animals, and the carefree spirit of being in the wild. Pan follows Dionysus around along with some of his children, the satyrs. They have a very good time spreading cheer as well as mischief.

Pan’s favored town in Cimmeria is Satronwook. While passing through with Dionysus, Pan initiated a drinking contest for the locals with a golden crown as a reward for the winner. A halfling woman named Baradera won and Dionysus crowned her, turning her into a magically intelligent panda. He gave Panda Baradera the command of a pack of blink dogs to enforce her decree for a single year until the drinking contest was held again. Baradera was shocked to learn that her true form would forever be that of a talking panda. Baradera angrily retired to a life of leisure while Pan and Dionysus laughed at her misfortune.

During the Second Alliance War Pan acted through his champion, Eathirilu. He gave the elven druid the Touch of Nature, an artifact of pure wild power. Once Blendegad was defeated, Eathirilu used the Touch of Nature to purify all vampires and dragovinians descended from Blendegad, returning them to their mortal states.