Hermes is the son of Maia and Zeus. He is the god of exchange, commerce, thieving, messages, shepherds, cowherds, orators, travel, and athletics. His sacred animal is the lamb. He invented most sports the Cimmerians compete in and the lyre. He escorts the dead to their afterlife. He has a winged helmet and winged sandals that allow him to be anywhere in an instant. He also has a caduceus which provides him sacred protection when delivering a message. Hermes is a trickster god and is often helping another god get away with something they shouldn’t be. Hermes is the father of Pan, but does not have a wife.

Within Cimmeria Hermes has been content to wander in disguise with a few exceptions. In the Second Alliance War Hermes orchestrated the destruction of Greshendale by the Second Alliance Exiles. In retaliation the Xorians destroyed Bradel Fields. Hermes also participated in the Battle of Nox. He seems to bring destruction and chaos to whatever he touches in Cimmeria. Despite this reputation Hermes’s face remains plastered on border marking Herms throughout the land.