Bigby’s Forest

Bigby’s Forest was known as the Dry Woods when the Olympians first came to Cimmeria. The forest’s name changed to match that of one of its most famous inhabitants, Bigby the Dragon War Hero. Bigby cast a spell that caused the stumps of cut down trees to regenerate within a few weeks. Consequently, Bigby’s Forest is excellent for logging as the trees replace themselves within two months. Additionally, the forest’s borders have been constantly expanding as the trees never die, but new ones are created each year. Some worry that this growth will eventually consume nearby towns, but that would not happen for many years.

The Dry Woods were originally settled by Rarventataa the Wary and the elves loyal to her that left the Conclave. She became one of the four monarchs of the elven people. Queen Rarventataa ordered that no other race be allowed into the Dry Woods without special dispensation from her. Commerce continued via the trading village of Semanarie on the forest’s edge. The elves exported the bounty of the forest and their fine manufactured goods in exchange for metal, stone, and jewels. Life was good and plentiful for the Elves of the Dry Woods.

Queen Rarventataa’s reign was ended by the green dragon sisters, Cordax and Hashterainon. After the death of Sadroston and the Draconic Convocation, the green dragons descended on the Dry Woods. Rarventataa and all her loyal defenders were slain. Two elven factions formed. One, a group of druidic naturalists allied themselves with the dragons, viewing them as the pinnacle of the natural order. The other, a group of elvish patriots who sought to subvert and overthrow the dragons. The Patriots named the western river of the Dry Woods in honor of the martyr, Rarventataa. The Patriots and the Naturalists of the Dry Woods bickered and skirmished with each other until open hostilities broke out during the Dragon War.

The Hero of the Dragon War, Bigby, grew up during the dragon’s occupation. He cast his famous spell to grow the trees while the Naturalists and Patriots quarreled. When the war started Bigby rose to become the leader of the Patriots while Eathirilu and Davonisi led the Naturalists. The battles of Bigby’s Forest climaxed when Eathirilu captured Bigby and the Copper Orb of Dragonkind. The other Heroes of the Dragon War managed to free Eathirilu and shatter the Naturalist forces. The Dragon War ended with victory for the Patriots. There were many former Naturalists left after the Dragon War. Rather than reintegrate into Bigby’s Forest, the Naturalists left forming communities in Semanarie and Tetalya. Bigby himself retired to live a peaceful life with his family before entering stasis to protect the Green Orb of Dragonkind.

Bigby’s Forest remained peaceful until the rule of Queen Anajakaze. Her egalitarian rule led to the Masculine Revolt in Xoria. The failed revolutionaries fled into Bigby’s Forest and formed the core of the Rebellion that would eventually oppose the dragovinians. Anajakaze and Jevaninada II both attempted to find the Rebels or destroy the forest and failed on both counts. The Elves of Bigby’s Forest protected their guests and eventually helped place Princess Tarigananata on the throne of Xoria.