Sadroston was created by the Olympians when they moved to Cimmeria. Sadroston was imbued with special power by the gods, making Sadroston into a powerful magical beacon, but one of indeterminate race and gender. The five races of the Conclave, human, elf, halfling, dwarf, and orc, all claim Sadroston as one of their own. Different groups have different traditions for whether Sadroston was a man or woman. Archeologists have studied for centuries and remain unsure. Whoever Sadroston was, they were powerful.

Sadroston led the Conclave of Cimmeria to war against the goblins that originally inhabited Cimmeria. They were the sorcerer who defeated the Phoenix god of the Goblins. Sadroston guided the different leaders of the Conclave to work together to achieve this goal. Sadroston wished to ensure that the people of Cimmeria would be safe and secure after the passing of their great hero.

Sadroston had children and cared deeply for them. King Aeëtes manipulated this love by arranging for one of Sadroston’s children to be in Colchis during a blood moon. As the red moon rose, Hades brought his forces up from the Underworld to secure the soul of Aeëtes. Sadroston’s child would’ve been caught in the crossfire if Sadroston hadn’t rushed to their aid. Sadroston obliterated the army of Hades. With their family safe, Sadroston swore that they and their family would never return to Colchis or lift a finger to help Aeëtes again.

After the events at Colchis, Sadroston withdrew from public life to spend more time with their children and grandchildren. Sadly the Conclave declined without Sadroston’s guiding hands. Sadroston enjoyed their retirement and died at a physical age of around 200 years. They were taken at an extremely late age or quite early, depending on which Conclave race tells the story.

Sadroston’s passing opened the door for new threats to the people of Cimmeria. While their body was still warm, the dragons of Cimmeria planned to attack and conquer everything south of the Terror Mountains. The death of the first Cimmerian hero heralded a century of domination by the evil dragons.