Danar’s Marsh

Danar’s Marsh is a large wetland formed by the runoff from the Western Terror Mountains. The marsh is inhabited by a variety of animals and plants found nowhere else in the world. Communities form around the swamp to harvest the unique components for magical spells and rituals. Unfortunately, proximity to Danar’s Marsh is also proximity to the monsters that dwell within. Villages around the swamp typically last less than a century before their inevitable destruction.

Civilization around Danar’s Marsh was originally made possible by Danar Beastslayer. The black dragons of the swamp did nothing for the few sentient mortals that lived there. Danar came from his Sheerzen exile and helped guard and protect the small villages around and within the marsh. The land was on the way to becoming a true kingdom under Danar, but its hopes were dashed by separate attacks from Eathirilu and Invernix. Danar was forced to return to Sheerzen and the land that now bore his name, Danar’s Marsh, decayed in his absence.

Danar’s Marsh’s next major settlement was during the Xorian Kingdom’s wars with the Amazons. General Tectoctar deserted Xoria with his army and established a new town on the edge of the Marsh. To control his citizens he used powerful mind-reading magic, but it drove him insane. He fled the town into the swamp and never returned. The town bore its founder’s name and developed into a city for refugees of all races. Unfortunately, Tectoctar was destroyed by Queen Regent Anajakaze when she came to power.

Anajakaze wouldn’t leave Danar’s Marsh unsettled though. She ordered a new town built in the mountain range along the southern river. This town was named Jevanicia after the infant king, Jevaninada II. The town provided stone for the many defensive structures built during her reign and that of her son. Jevanicia was destroyed in turn by the marsh geriviar, Bill, during the Second Alliance War.