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General Tectoctar was a Xorian general that came to prominence during Queen Idanthyrsia‘s War. She invaded Xoria in an attempt to conquer Western Cimmeria. Frustrated with King Gigontaya’s policy of inaction, Tectoctar took his army and left the kingdom entirely. He set up his own community on the edge of Danar’s Marsh. Unfortunately, Tectoctar’s use of unstable magic drove him insane shortly thereafter. He fled into the swamp never to be seen again.

Queen Idanthyrsia brought the entire Amazon nation to Western Cimmeria to escape the Persians. She set her sights on complete domination of the region. First, she subjugated Cecilia, Makotako, and Gazeara. Next was the rest of Xoria and Colchis. King Gigontaya called his armies into the field but refused to actually engage the Amazons. The two sides maneuvered around each other, neither wishing to risk everything in a single battle.

As the countryside was further destroyed by the Amazons, General Tectoctar grew frustrated with King Gigontaya’s refusal to engage the enemy. He seceded from the Xorian Kingdom and took his army north. Tectoctar settled his troops in Danar’s Swamp after receiving a sign from Zeus. Tectoctar had his lieutenant general give him mind-reading powers to keep the troops in line as they founded their new city named after him, Tectoctar. The magical surveilance worked, but it took a toll on General Tectoctar. After the town well was established, Tectoctar went insane from all the voices in his head. He fled into the swamp, never to be seen again.

Tectoctar’s eponymous town thrived after his demise. The settlement became a haven for outcasts of all races. Tectoctar exported unique goods gathered from the swamp. Unfortunately, everything fell apart when Queen Anajakaze of Xoria attacked. Tectoctar was destroyed and the ruins sank into the swamp.