New Greshen Dale

Greshen Dale was originally a city on the earth’s surface before Tentineh built the magical floating city in the sky. After Tentineh completed his magnum opus the people of Greshen Dale were invited to live in the flying mountains. Most accepted, but a few refused. They wished to remain on the ground where mortals were meant to be. Unfortunately, Tentineh’s reckless absorption of magical power had left Greshen Valley uninhabitable. Spheres of Annihilation crossed the surface of the valley and bulettes and trolls threatened the lives of farmers and tradesmen. The citizens of Greshen Dale that stayed on the ground packed up and traveled south.

The people’s journey was short as they found a suitable location for a new town just outside of Greshen Valley. The settlers was led by a council of wizards who had served with Tentineh in the Dragon War. Sadly, just as the villagers had went south, soon their problems followed them. Bulettes and trolls were pushed out of Greshen Valley by the Spheres of Annihilation. The bulettes struck first and the wizards defended the town successfully with summoned creatures. The trolls were a tougher nut to crack. These same beasts had proved too much for Tentineh himself who had resorted to summoning a powerful fire demon.

To save their town, the magicians of New Greshen Dale began the ritual to release the fire demon that Tentineh had bound by the three part rod. The mages grew closer and were able to contact the demon in its prison. Upon speaking with the vile monster the wizards rethought their decision to release it. The beast could defeat the trolls, but it was impossible to control. Rather than unleash such a powerful evil, the wizard council elected to evacuate the town once more. New Greshen Dale was abandoned to the trolls, just the old city had been. The citizens spread throughout Cimmeria or gave up life on the ground and accepted homes in Tentineh’s floating city.