Hugs’s Dig Spot

Hugs Greenly was a human merchant infected with wanderlust. He amassed a small fortune to retire, but wished to continue traveling rather than settle down. Wishing to see something other than the trade routes he’d followed, Hugs headed into the Terror Mountains north of Shalemstead. He saw high peaks, dragons, and stunning waterfalls.

While in the wilds, Hugs came upon a dungeon full of monsters and treasure. Realizing the opportunity and challenge of this find, he organized an expedition to slay the monsters and retrieve the treasure. Hundreds of people were hired to dig into the dungeon and recover the valuable loot within. Hugs’s expedition force cleaned out the first two levels of the dungeon, but a monster on the third floor proved too powerful for the company. It emerged from the deep and slaughtered the entire group. Hugs Greenly died with his employees.

Unknown to Hugs, the dungeon was built by a lich known as Phodesiade. The lich had captured an unknown god. He sought to harvest the god’s power for his own, but every method he attempted failed. He finally struck a bargain with the deity. Phodesiade built a powerful dungeon of five levels. If the dungeon was emptied within one hundred years, the god would grant its power to the lich. If it remained occupied by monsters, Phodesiade would release the god. Unfortunately for Phodesiade, the time limit expired. The god broke free from its imprisonment and slew the lich. However, the dungeon remains, ready to be conquered by any worthy adventurer.