Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is an inland salt sea on the eastern edge of Cimmeria. It marks the wild frontier between the human occupied lands to the west and the Orc Lands to the east. The Aral Sea is traditionally fished by a few minor orc tribes, one such tribe being the Infinite Void. The orcs tribes were recently disturbed by the founding of Mo’nyoq, a colony created by Danar and Amalius. Mo’nyoq was populated by many of the dispossessed from the Second Alliance War. Leadership of the developing town was given to Endi, who instructed his soldiers to start a conflict with their Infinite Void neighbors. Danar swiftly came in to stop the violence and organize a peace between the humans and the orcs, but bad blood remains.

The Aral Sea is dotted by many small islands along the coast and a few larger ones further towards the center. One such large island is dubbed Alastiqaz by the Infinite Void. It is a dark place where they performed eldritch rituals to tap into the power of Ammutseba. This piece of the first goddess was recently absorbed by Barakah. Without their font of power, it is likely that the Infinite Void will cease to exist as a tribe.