Amalius Halkias


Amalius Halkias is a controversial figure in the Second Alliance and a powerful psion proficient in telepathy, hypercognition, time manipulation, and elemental magic. His father, Amalganus, founded the Second Alliance, and Amalius followed his father’s footsteps to become a member of the Alliance Council. He was subsequently ostracized from the Alliance once it was discovered that he was an unwilling Xorian spy and the descendant of Amalgami, the same man who had betrayed the First Alliance and left it to ruin. Amalius managed to repair his reputation by striking a deal with Hades to resurrect thousands of Alliance soldiers, but his relationship with some of the other Alliance Council members is still rocky.

Amalius is the son of Amalganus and Hiroka and the grandson of Amalgami Halkias. Amalius grew up in one of the most influential families in Eastern Cimmeria. Amalganus recognized the threat the Xorians posed to all of Cimmeria so he formed the Second Alliance out of Eastern Cimmerian city states to halt the advance of the Xorians. Amalgami, Amalius’s grandfather, formed the First Alliance, but turned to worshiping dark gods and betrayed the Alliance to the Xorians. He killed several high ranking Alliance members and used their heads to bargain for his own life.

Emelia, Amalganus’s mother, kept Amalganus’s parentage a secret. Amalganus grew up in the home of his adoptive father, the Jipanguese noble Humanto Moshiro. Only on her deathbed did Emelia reveal to Amalganus the truth of his parentage. Ashamed, Amalganus stopped using his adoptive surname of Moshiro. He kept his true surname, Halkias, a secret, knowing that if it were revealed that would be the end of his political career. Wishing to have a clean family reputation Amalganus became obsessed with redeeming his biological family name. He spent years tracking down Amalgami in order to bring him to justice. Eventually Amalganus abandoned his family in the search for his evil father.

Even though he was only ten years old, Amalius went in search of his father with the help of his personal bodyguard. They followed Amalganus’s trail to Athens. There they found Amalganus just as he was confronting Amalgami. The grandfather lich had instigated a war between Athens and Sparta under the guise of a man named Alcibiades. Amalganus, Amalius, and the bodyguard attacked Amalgami together, but the lich’s divine magic overwhelmed them. He killed Amalganus and the bodyguard and took Amalius captive.

Amalius was trained as a servant of Eris under Amalgami. The lich taught Amalius how to unlock his natural telepathic talents. However, Amalgami often left Amalius alone at his fortified hideout while he directed events in Greece and elsewhere. Amalius was watched by the intelligent dagger, Korm, in Amalgami’s absence. The little dagger loved to torture his charge. It played mental games on him and took advantage of the teenage boy’s inability to resist his mental domination. Punishments for the smallest slight included forcing Amalius to hold his own hand over a fire or to cut into his arms with Korm. Amalius developed a deep-seated hatred for his grandfather and the dagger.

After more than a decade under Amalgami’s guardianship, it seemed that the lich no longer visited the hideout. Amalius escaped and fled back home through Xoria. Amalius used his given family name, Moshiro, in hopes of securing passage to Jipangu, but fate took another cruel turn for the young man. As Amalganus “Moshiro” had formed the Alliance, Amalius was connected to a hated enemy of the Xorian Kingdom. The Xorians captured Amalius and submitted him to horrible tortures. Over several years his mind was warped.

The Xorians used magic on Amalius and another captive Xorian family. They were made to think that Amalius was the father of the family. Now, willing to do anything for his hostage “family,” Amalius was released as a spy for the Xorians along with a common criminal, Aldarian, who had been ensorcelled to keep an eye on Amalius. They joined with the Alliance and fed information to the Xorians through a magic ring that Aldarian wore.

Eventually, Amalius and Aldarian broke their bonds to the Xorians. Amalius’s “family” was rescued from Xorian captivity, but differences in their brainwashed memories revealed that all was not as it seemed to Amalius and his supposed family. Help from the Björn of Dalleer revealed that Korm’s view of the events was the truth. Unfortunately, the truth about Amalius’s heritage became public knowledge during these events. The Alliance Council took a vote and exiled Amalius out of fear that he would betray the Second Alliance just as Amalgami did the first.

Tagenadi, Torin, Hektor, Eathirilu, and Aldarian  left the Second Alliance along with Amalius to form the group known as the Exiles. They continued their efforts to contribute in the war against the Xorians. The group obtained the Black Crystal of Horror. They destroyed the Red Orb of Dragonkind to free Invernix, Sartoria, and their eternal enemy, Danar, upon the world. They killed the powerful dragovinians, Krodius, Terroc, Lady Li, Devanane, and Davonisi. They slew Bavastatner and his wife Renvesharhialisv. They created an unbalanced political situation in Nomingburg in exchange for the Dahak’s Pitchfork of Ruin. They acquired the Lots, the very same dice used to split the world up between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. They collected all the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy.

Amalius’s most recent action was to trade the Lots to Hades without the consent of the rest of the Exiles. In exchange he allowed many Alliance soldiers and Council members to return to life along with his own father. The Alliance welcomed Amalius back into the fold, but the rest of the Exiles felt betrayed by his actions. They asked Amalius to at least apologize for taking the Lots and using them without following the group’s decision. Amalius refused and he was thus exiled from the Exiles. He returned to his old position on the Alliance Council and now plots to make changes to improve the state of the world; at least, that’s how he sees it.