Aldarian is an accomplished con artist, a thief, and a loyal companion of Amalius Halkias. He came with Amalius when the psion returned to Eastern Cimmeria and served him during the Second Alliance War. Aldarian fought alongside Amalius, often sweeping for traps in the various dungeons the Alliance was raiding. This risky behavior led to Aldarian dying and being resurrected frequently. The constant resurrections granted Aldarian the power to return to life independently without the assistance of a priest. The sneaky elf continued to work for Amalius after the Second Alliance War concluded.

Aldarian was a thief and a lady’s elf moving through the cities of Cimmeria. He’d settle down in a city, steal a few baubles, carouse with a few ladies, and then move on when the law or the ladies’ relatives got too close. In a new city he’d repeat his usual ways of stealing to get ahead and going through that money as quickly as he could. As he hopped from city to city he even revisited a few of his older haunts as all the humans that lived there had forgotten his elven face. Aldarian made many enemies as he crossed the realm.

Eventually he ran afoul of a dragovinian noble in Xoria. This nobleman wasn’t willing to let Aldarian escape without retribution. He bribed enforcers to track Aldarian down and bring him in. After torturing the elf, the noble turned him over to the Xorian government. Rather than executing him, the Xorians chose to use him as a spy. They put him under a geas spell with the following orders:
“Aldarian is to assist Amalius in spying on the Alliance and to do independent spying of his own.
He is to report his findings to the Xorians by accurately and fully writing down his reports and Amalius’ reports and sending them through the ring gate he has on his finger every day.
He is not to make any copies of these reports and he is not to reveal himself to the Alliance.
If given the opportunity he is to severely sabotage the Alliance endeavor to protect Phoenix.”

Aldarian posed as a paladin upon initially joining the Alliance with Amalius, hoping that no one would suspect a paladin of nefarious intent. This ruse was abandoned when the Thieves Guild of Phoenix revolted. Amalius revealed Aldarian as a suitable trustworthy candidate to replace the treacherous guildmaster. Aldarian was made guildmaster of the Thieves Guild by the Alliance War Council. He fit in quite well, quickly winning the trust of the thieves.

Aldarian was contacted by an old, hooded gentleman prior to the Battle of Phoenix. The man in the hood gave Aldarian a magic key that whenever it was inserted into a lock instead of opening whatever was normally on the other side of a door, the door would open to a secret extradimensional closet. The man suggested that Aldarian use the key to steal all the wealth from the Wizards Guild of Phoenix when the battle broke out. The man also gave Aldarian a magical dagger, Korm. This man was Amalgami the Betrayer in disguise.

Aldarian performed the hit on the Wizards Guild during the Battle of Phoenix as the hooded man had suggested. He and his rogue friends walked away with thousands of wealth in magical items. This act also discharged his geas as he had “severely sabotaged the Alliance endeavor to protect Phoenix” by stealing nearly all the spellbooks from the Wizards Guild (nevermind that most of the wizards died in the battle as well).

With Aldarian free from the geas, Amalius was soon able to worm his way out of the Xorians’ clutches and free his supposed family. Amalius was also reunited with the weapon he feared from his youth, Korm.

In the latter months of the Second Alliance War, Aldarian served as the bodyguard of Amalius’s family. He spent his days at the family owned inn outside of Jipangu. He developed a relationship with their human servant girl, Sashita. The girl was quickly cast aside when Amalius hired a tutor for the family, the elvish druid Eamorataj. Aldarian truly fell in love with her. They began an exclusive relationship while maintaining their service to the Halkias family.

Aldarian has a reputation for dying a lot, but this seems to have created a mystic connection with the afterlife for him. Aldarian gained the ability to resurrect himself from death with a fiery pillar of destruction, similar to how a phoenix rises from the ashes. This power also manifests when Aldarian becomes injured, with a fiery aura protecting him from further harm. These powers came from the Titan Helios who also sent Aldarian dreams of retrieving the Bow of Apollo. Aldarian ignored the dreams and after the Second Alliance War, Helios abandoned him while vowing his revenge.