Apollo is the son of Leto and Zeus. His twin sister is Artemis. He is the god of the sun, light, healing, music, archery, poetry, and adolescent men. He is involved in many classical myths and is a good friend of Hermes. His sacred animal is the swan. His sacred city in Cimmeria is Sheerzen with Restnor’s Point and Tetalya as secondaries.

During the First Alliance War Apollo’s follower, Amalgami, turned away from Apollo to worship Eris and the Dahak monster. This fall from grace destroyed the First Alliance and earned Amalgami the epithet, the Betrayer. Apollo promised himself that he would make up for his devotee’s actions. He got his chance when the Dahak poisoned Zeus. Apollo wandered Cimmeria looking for a cure in a mortal form known as Dactirian.

Apollo’s human form named Dactirian

Dactirian fought dragovinians wherever he could without arousing suspicion to his true nature. Dactirian found the Druid’s Prophecy that could revive Zeus, but he didn’t have the means to retrieve the animal pieces as the dragovinians had gotten to them first. Seeing a different path to his goal, Dactirian joined the Xorian Rebellion. Through continued effort he became one of the Rebellion’s leaders, second only to Princess Tarigananata. He revealed his identity to the Princess and Alkmene Halkias. He told them his plan to use a group of former dragovinians to outsmart the dragovinians’ magical protections around the animal pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy.

Dactirian lured four powerful dragovinian Enforcers to Bigby’s Forest. Caught in his trap he revealed his divine majesty to them. Apollo turned the dragovinians back into their mortal forms and stripped them of their memories. Returning to Dactirian, he ordered them to reclaim the different pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. Due to their past dragovinian status, the former dragovinians would not set off the arcane wards and alarms around the animals that knew the other pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy. The former dragovinians carried out their orders and Dactirian freed them from his service.

Apollo abandoned his mortal disguise soon after receiving the Druid’s Prophecy pieces. He had led the Rebellion to reclaim Gazeara and management of the war was fully turned over to Princess Tarigananata. The Second Alliance was given the Prophecy pieces to recover the reagents needed for the ritual. Apollo was at Olympus when Zeus was revived. With his father back on the throne and the Second Alliance War concluded, Apollo has returned to his duties as the sun god.