Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Immediately after her birth, she turned around to assist in the birth of her twin brother, Apollo. She is goddess of the hunt, animals, the wilderness, the moon, childbirth, and young women. She is one of the three virgin goddesses and has no attachments to men. She is fiercely independent as well as vindictive towards any who would challenge that independence. Artemis often takes revenge on people for looking at her or killing some of her animals. Her sacred animals are the deer and the bear.

Artemis maintains a healthy following of young women throughout Greece and Cimmeria. Artemisian places of worship are often forest springs or other beautiful natural places. Constructed sacred sites to Artemis in the Aegean are located at Delos and Ephesus. The devotion of the Dragon War Hero, Cecilia, to Artemis convinced her to name Cecilia’s namesake city as a sacred site of the huntress goddess as well.

In recent history, Artemis is involved in a perpetual hunt of the Dahak monster. The beast injured her father and Artemis wishes to enact a bloody revenge. While Zeus was revived at the end of the Second Alliance War, Artemis maintains her search for the evil monster. If it emerges, Artemis will not be far behind.