Poseidon is the son of Cronos and Rhea. When the Olympians defeated the Titans Poseidon was granted the sea to rule over. He carries around a trident that causes earthquakes by sticking it into the earth. He watches over inner seas such as the Mediterranean, the Caspian, and the Aral, but not the Atlantic, rivers, or lakes. He created the first horses and cows and his sacred animal is the horse. All sailors, fisherman, and other people whose profession is associated with the sea are required to sacrifice a bull to Poseidon every month by throwing it into the sea. Poseidon’s wife is Amphitrite. His children with her are Triton and Rhode.

Poseidon has many sacred cities in Cimmeria due to the Caspian’s central nature. Cecilia, Crafterton, Makotako, Bradel Fields, and Lordodo all contain temples dedicated to Poseidon. Recently another city was added to the list of Poseidon’s sacred sites. The flooding of Phoenix during the Second Alliance War made that city one of the sea god’s, but occupied by water creatures instead of land-walking mortals.

At the end of the Second Alliance War Poseidon sought to improve his position by becoming King of the Olympians. He claimed the thunderbolts from their caretaker, Ares, and used them in an attempt to overthrow Zeus. The Second Alliance members revived Zeus just in time to stop Poseidon’s rebellion. Zeus cast Poseidon and Triton into Tartarus where they were flayed and cut into ten thousand pieces.

With the imprisonment of Poseidon, a new sea god was needed. The valiant service of Zelus earned him that spot after he returned from the stomach of Barakah. Zelus now serves as the sea god of Cimmeria and all the honors previously given to Poseidon are now due to Zelus.