Zelus is the Classical deific embodiment of zeal itself. He encapsulates excitement, eagerness, rivalry, and unwavering devotion to a sworn cause. Zelus is one of the Daimons, the divine children of Pallas and the River Styx. He currently aids the Exiles in their quest to eradicate dragovinians from the face of the earth.

Zelus has a complicated place in the Olympian pantheon. His father Pallas was a second generation Titan and his mother, the River Styx, is the river that separates the Land of the Dead from the living world. His brothers and sisters are personification deities like himself. Nike embodies victory, Kratos embodies violent strength, and Bia embodies energy and force.

In addition to instilling unswerving devotion in mortals, Zelus serves as the bodyguard of Zeus. After the Dahak poisoned Zeus on Olympus itself, Zelus felt depression hit him hard. He lost himself in drinking and gambling until the Exiles from the Alliance found him dicing against Hermes. With renewed purpose to revive Zeus, Zelus joined the Exiles in their quest to restore Zeus and defeat Blendegad.

Zelus uses his divine powers to keep the Exiles alive in their engagements with the dragovinians. He has aided the Exiles in acquiring the Lots and the pieces of the Druid’s Prophecy.

While he stands by the Exiles in many ways, Zelus’s ultimate goals are different than theirs. They seek to save the mortals of Cimmeria from death and enslavement. Zelus seeks only to revive Zeus and defeat Blendegad. He does not concern himself with civilian casualties in the slightest. His disregard for human life led Zelus into a contest of wills with Amalius. Ultimately, Amalius left the Exiles to rejoin the Alliance.