Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is the god of battle and fury. He loves to fight and kill and his influence is felt in every war and battle. He is the lover of Aphrodite as they both embody passion of a kind. His favored cities are Mars’ Oasis and Dradelden. He has many children, including a few gods with Aphrodite. His notable children in Cimmeria are Delain of Phoenix and Jittehalong of the Amazons. His most famous cleric was Toffoun the Dragon War Hero. His sacred animal is the boar.

When Zeus was incapacitated by the Dahak, Ares took the thunderbolts to rule Olympus. Hephaestus resisted him and Aphrodite was caught in the middle of their squabble. Eventually, Hera chose Ares as the regent of Olympus and Hephaestus backed down.  Ares used his legitimized power over the air and sky to create a massive hurricane in the Western Caspian. The hurricane threatened the lives of over a million Xorian citizens that lived along the coast. At Jevaninada‘s pleading, Blendegad extended his divine presence to dragovinians everywhere. All of them grew wings and were able to fly before the hurricane struck to save countless lives. When Zeus reclaimed the mantle of Olympus Ares was lightly punished for taking the thunderbolts.