Jittehalong is the current Queen of the Amazons and vassal of King Jevaninada II. Queen Jittehalong is a warrior of great power and strength, worthy of recognition by the gift of dragovinian immortality, but she has rejected this offer time and time again. Many Xorians worry that this is a sign that Jittehalong harbors feelings of resentment towards King Jevaninada. In spite of these concerns, Jittehalong remains loyal to her liege.

Jittehalong’s mother, Tiatha, lived on a farm at the northern edge of Dradelden’s farmlands. During an ogre raid, Tiatha was taken captive. She might’ve been eaten in the ogres’ cave had Ares the Battle Rager not seen her face. His heart (and other organs) swelled with passion as he looked upon the Amazon. Ares took on the form of one of the ogres and went to Tiatha in her cell. Jittehalong was conceived that night.

A group of Amazons organized themselves back at Dradelden and went to rescue their sister from the ogres’ clutches before she was devoured. Tiatha was rescued, but it was clear that she was already with child. Jittehalong was born a few months later, an enormous baby with monstrous features. Tiatha died during childbirth due to Jittehalong’s large size. Tiatha’s friends debated whether Jittehalong should be raised by one of them or exposed on a nearby hillside. As they spoke, one of the Amazons’ spears lit on fire. An omen from Ares, that this was his child and she was not to be exposed under any circumstances. The Amazons prostrated themselves before the burning spear and vowed to raise Jittehalong as one of their own.

Jittehalong grew swiftly as her caretakers brought her up to be an Amazon warrior. Already larger, stronger, and surprisingly, faster, than anyone else in her age class, she was moved up to the next class of girls. She rapidly outgrew and outpaced them as well. Jittehalong joined the ranks of full-fledged Amazon fighters at only twelve years of age. She uses a gigantic spear in two hands, thrusting it into her foes with the force of a battering ram. Jittehalong mastered the martial arts of the Amazons but her mental skills lagged behind. She has and seemingly will always remain a simpleton.

Jittehalong’s lack of smarts didn’t stop her from winning the competition to become the new Queen of the Amazons when Ashabodai died at the Battle of Phoenix. Two contests were held, one at Dradelden, which Jittehalong won, and another at Phoenix, which a dragovinian Amazon won. The dragovinian returned to Dradelden where the two champions squared off against each other. In the duel Jittehalong swiftly flew above the dragovinian with the aid of a magical item and beat her opponent into the ground. Driving her spear into her over and over again, Jittehalong ground the dragovinian into pulp. The body continued to twitch and writhe. Only when the head was removed by an errant cut of Jittehalong’s did the carnage end.

Jittehalong became Queen of all the Amazons. Many of the mortal Amazons who resented their dragovinian masters hoped that Queen Jittehalong would lead them out of bondage. Unfortunately for them, she did not. Jittehalong claimed, “Dragovinians strong. We fight with them until we find no one stronger. Then we fight them. But not fight them yet.”

King Jevaninada II offered dragovinian status to Jittehalong after she was crowned Queen. The offer had been made before by others. Jittehalong rejected it once more saying, “I strong, yes? Why I need become Drago? Is like saying I weak without it. I no change. I Daughter of Ares.”

Jittehalong has yet to take the field against Xoria’s enemies. Perhaps her mind will change then.