Bavastatner was one of the first dragons born from the union of Echidna and Typhon. He and his sister-wife, Renvesharhialisv, ruled the blue dragons for centuries. At the death of Sadroston, they along with the other dragon primarchs subjugated the mortals of Cimmeria. He shared the fate of the other dragons when they were sealed by the Dragon Orbs. Bavastatner acted as the guardian of the Blue Orb until it was broken during the githyanki invasion of the Material Plane. Bavastatner reestablished his rule over the Shacklack Desert, reigning until his death at the hands of Amalius Halkias.

Bavastatner dwelled on the fringes of the world until the death of Sadroston. He and the other dragon primarchs met at the Draconic Convocation to plan their conquest of the world. Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv ruled the Shacklack Desert and its inhabitants after the conquest. Bavastatner outlawed the formation of armies for his subjects. He controlled his subjects for nearly seventy years before Gorwinua‘s adventuring band rebelled against his rule. This insurrection was one of the inciting events of the Dragon War.

Bavastatner performed better than any of his brethren during the Dragon War. He fought his war against the orcs of the Orc Lands. Bavastatner led his children and wife in devastating attacks on the mortals, driving them to live underground to escape his lightning breath. Unfortunately for Bavastatner, the Heroes of the Dragon War were able to evade his army and pierce his lair’s defenses. Renvesharhialisv was imprisoned within the Blue Dragon Orb and Bavastatner was set to guard it. The Orb was hidden in a dungeon within the Shacklack Desert. If the Blue Orb ever broke, Tracy the halfling would be freed to fight Bavastatner once again.

Sixty years later the githyanki Lich-queen planned her invasion of the Material Plane. She sent her emissaries to secure the alliance of the blue dragons by freeing their leader. Her aldishar servant broke the Blue Dragon Orb, freeing Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv. The Lich-queen and Bavastatner swore a pact of mutual aid upon the River Styx.

The breaking of the Blue Orb of Dragonkind also released Tracy the Hero of the Dragon War. She reappeared alongside those best able to help her, the Gish Trio. Tracy cheerfully introduced herself to the Gish Trio and the four agreed to a partnership in their mutual goals of ending the threat of the githyanki and the blue dragons. Tracy called upon her old connections in Crafterton and Nomingburg to prepare for the coming war.

Bavastatner resented being oathbound to another so soon after his freedom. He began research on how to bind his soul to the River Styx and escape his oath to the Lich-queen. He summoned demons from beyond the River as part of his research. These demon experiments frequently escaped and became a problem for the githyanki controlled communities. Bavastatner continued his work, pleased that he was inadvertently harming his supposed allies.

A breakthrough came for Bavastatner when Tracy leaked notes from Shratalanda‘s journals on how immortals could escape oaths on the River Styx. Bavastatner sent his cultists to Crete to steal the threads for his immortal life and that of the River Styx. With the strings in hand he connected them and bound his soul to the River of Erebos. This act freed Bavastatner from his oaths on the Styx. He pulled his support from the githyanki occupation of Cimmeria and instigated the Draco-Gith War fought between his offspring and the githyanki outsiders.

Bavastatner easily claimed victory in the Draco-Gith War due to the banishment of the Lich-queen by Tracy and the Gish Trio. After securing his domain and conquering the Dominarie Mountain Kingdom of Dwarves, Bavastatner entered a period of contentment. He ruled the Shacklack Desert and his children executed his will. If they disagreed with his rule they left to form their own dominions elsewhere. If they survived it was good. If they did not, they were no longer his concern.

When Mars’ Oasis was founded some of the blue dragons of the Shacklack attacked the city in search of treasure. The experienced Roman soldiers easily defended their community and their families. The blue dragons pleaded with Bavastatner to help, but he refused to get involved. Bavastatner wished to preserve Mars’ Oasis as a good training opportunity for his children.

The dragovinians threatened all of Cimmeria during the Second Alliance War. The Second Alliance sought help from Mars’ Oasis, a city whose soldiers were skilled in fighting both undead and dragons. King Mero II agreed to join the Second Alliance on the condition that they remove the threats to his city, the formians, the Lich Shade, and Bavastatner. The Second Alliance sent a strike force led by Hektor to deal with these threats. They slew the Bane of the Lich Shade. They negotiated a peace treaty with the formians. All that remained was the blue dragons.

Hektor, Danar, Tagenadi, Amalius, Origenes, and Eathirilu investigated Bavastatner’s cave and were attacked by the ancient wyrm. They fought a hard battle against Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv, slaying both. Afterwards they noticed Bavastatner’s demonic heart was continually regenerating at a fast pace. They passed the responsibility of containing the dead dragons’ hearts to King Mero II. The King of Mars’ Oasis sealed the hearts in a heavily protected vault beneath the city’s castle.

The vault was disturbed only once after it was constructed. Amalius’s divine persona raided the vault during the wedding of his mortal persona. Hektor noticed Amalius through a series of complicated alarm spells. He, Danar, Eathirilu, and Gorwinua left the wedding and prevented Amalius from taking the contents of the vault. Unfortunately, Amalius escaped, a process that would repeat itself for many of his future encounters with Hektor.

Bavastatner’s heart remains in the vault to this day. His body was disintegrated and dispersed to the four winds.