The Lich-queen

The Lich-queen is an immortal despot who rules over the githyanki people in the Astral Plane. Through necromantic rituals she has achieved a spark of divinity, but her power still pales before a true god’s. She constantly hungers for more power. Any githyanki who rise above a certain level are summoned to the Lich-queen’s court to be consumed by their monarch. She absorbs their power into herself, becoming stronger by inches as she comes closer and closer to godhood.

The Lich-queen observed the growing power of the mortals in Cimmeria after the Dragon War. She sent squadrons of githyanki soldiers to investigate. The squadrons gathered information and returned. The Lich-queen used her magically enhanced intellect to analyze the data her warriors collected. She came up with a genius plan of attack to surgically eliminate the strongest protectors of Cimmeria.

The Lich-queen would need allies for her assault. As an alien invader no one would aid her for long except the most vile. This led the Lich-queen to the blue dragons. Her forces freed Bavastatner and Renvesharhialisv. In return the Lich-queen secured the assistance of every blue dragon in existence.

With the alliance forged the Lich-queen ordered her githyanki to invade Cimmeria. They eliminated every powerful fighter, wizard, and priest in many cities across the region. The revived Tracy and the Gish Trio led the resistance against the Lich-queen. An insurgency formed to oppose the githyanki occupiers.

The Lich-queen was content with the pact with Bavastatner, but the dragon patriarch was less than enthused to owe favors to another being. He sought a way out of his oath using demonic magic. His experiments summoned a horde of half-demon half-dragon abyssal drakes which attacked the Lich-queen’s conquered subjects. Then with the unidentified help of Tracy and the Gish Trio, Bavastatner freed himself from his oath.

The Lich-queen had to punish Bavastatner’s willful departure from the standards of immortals. Where once the blue dragons were her allies they were know her enemies. She and the githyanki went to battle, sparking the Draco-Gith War.

The Lich-queen’s war with Bavastatner opened her up to attacks from a third party though. After a particularly challenging battle against the blue dragon forces, the Gish Trio and Tracy attacked the Lich-queen. They used a specially prepared magical spell to banish the Lich-queen back to the Astral Plane for eternity. The magic worked but the Githyanki Matriarch made them pay. As the banishment thrust her back to her home dimension the Lich-queen tore the soul from Tracy’s body and devoured it.

The Lich-queen continued to lead the githyanki occupation of Earth from the Astral Plane. Unfortunately without her direct assistance the githyanki withered under assaults from the blue dragons and the Gish Trio. Eventually she ordered a retreat and Earth returned to as it once was. Now the Lich-queen waits, always watching for another way to increase her divine power.