Descartes’s Circle

Descartes was a vampire illusionist who came into possession of a magical staff know as the Mansion of Solitude. The staff contained an extradimensional mansion inside of it. This structure allowed vampires to sustain themselves from the enchanted food within without the need for drinking blood. A number of reformed vampires took up residence in the staff where they could avoid feeding on living people. Unfortunately the staff was found by Descartes. He wanted to use the magical item for his own nefarious purposes, but he couldn’t as long as it was occupied.

Descartes found his solution with Terroc and his band of adventurers. Descartes disguised his nature with illusion spells and entered Shalemstead. He hired Terroc to clear the staff of vampires. The mage and his companions entered the Mansion of Solitude and destroyed all of the reformed vampires with a magical mace. They emerged, but were betrayed by Descartes. The evil vampire fled west from Shalemstead to a ring of stones where his coffin was protected by his thralls. Terroc followed and defeated Descartes. The vampire ran away once more taking the Mansion of Solitude with him, but his place of power and his cult of followers were destroyed.